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August 2017

Gavin Pickin

Docker Roadshow - 5 free webinars and many more blogs from Ortus this September

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Anyone heard of docker? Its the new cool out there, in dev ops, server ops, but surprisingly, its for developers too. Ortus Solutions is doing some cool stuff with Docker, Swarms / Clusters, providing images with CommandBox, ContentBox, and more. If this all sounds greek to you, then you won't want to miss the first online webinar, tomorrow September 1st... by the famous Mark Drew. He's a great guy, smart cookie, great presenter, owner of CMD, and one of the first CFMLers that started talking about Docker at conferences in the past. Check him out tomorrow in the Intro to Containers.

There are 5 webinars total in the month of September in the Docker Roadshow, and there will be plenty more blog posts on the Ortus Solutions website during the month too.
If you have questions, ask away in the box products channel in the cfml slack ( click here to sign up for the cfml slack if you aren't already a member), and we'll try to answer them via Blog, or might even answer them live in the webinars. Ortus has their own Slack Team as well, for more deep dive on everything Ortus does, you can sign up for the boxteam slack here.

My webinar is the last one of the month... where I will show you a beginners guide to playing with docker, and start using it. The other webinars will show you a range of things you could do, and then you'll understand why you want to use docker, and I'll show you how to start using it.
Hope you have time to absorb some free docker content this month, its really cool, and much easier than you might think to get up and running.

Here's a snippet from the Ortus Blog post on the roadshow.

Docker RoadShow

That's why we've carved out the month of September to lay down a solid foundation for you CF people who are Docker-curious to dig in and find out what this is all about as well as get hands-on examples of how to use Docker and even learn advanced techniques that would otherwise take you hours and hours of googling to understand.  We will feature a series of blog posts all month long so keep an eye right here on the Ortus blog.  We'll also be featuring a recorded webinar every week presented by team Ortus as well as Docker-savvy friends from around the world.

Docker Webinars

Here's a rundown of our Docker webinars that we'll be hosting.  Each of these will happen at 11am Central time.

  • 9/01 11:00 am CST - Intro to Containers with Mark Drew
  • 9/08 11:00 am CST - Containerizing ContentBox CMS with Luis Majano 
  • 9/15 11:00 am CST - Configuring your Containers with CommandBox & CFConfig with Brad Wood
  • 9/22 11:00 am CST - Box Microservices with Jon Clausen
  • 9/29 11:00 am CST - Start playing with Docker with Gavin Pickin


Sign Me Up!

To register for one or more of the webinars, please signup here:

We're using Zoom this year and can fit 100 people in each meeting, so please sign up early!  We will record each session and post them afterwards.

And if you want a nice place to keep track of each of the blog posts and webinars as they happen, we've also created this page to help track all of our CFML Docker content!  We'll update it as the roadshow gets underway.

This is your chance to come see what Docker is all about and learn some stuff to take back and impress your team!

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