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Setting up your multi-engine environment:
Apache, Railo and Coldfusion - Play Nice Kids

Presentation by Gavin Pickin

Are you a developer looking to setup Multiple CFML Engines in your Development or Server Environment, and after reading all of the different blogs out there, just want a walk through, to help clear things up, well, this session is for you.

Presentation Slides

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Additional Resources, Links and Walkthroughs

This topic is not an easy one to fit into a 50 minute session... so to help attendees, and those reading along with the slides at a later time, these resources and walkthroughs, links etc, will help you with other pieces of the puzzle that I lightly breeze over in the main presentation.

I will be adding a series of resources, links, pdfs, and other files that might be useful in installing, or basic setup of ColdFusion and Railo, on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.

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Installation Screenshot Walkthroughs

Installation Screenshot Walkthroughs