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Getting your Hooks into Cordova - Workflows and Build Helpers

Presentation by Gavin Pickin

May 15, 2015
1:45 PM - 2:45 PM

Working in the web world, we have workflows and tools we are used to. We edit, save f5 reload to test our work as we go. Working with mobile, even Hybrid Mobile, is a very different workflow. Cordova lets us build hybrid apps but how do you test them, how do you interface with the Cordova build process, how do you debug. This session helps you go from "hello world" demo, to a professionally built app.

Attendees will get the following out of the session:

It would be useful if you have looked at, or built a hello world demo, with Cordova or PhoneGap.

Presentation Slides

Hooks Code

Additional Resources, Links and Walkthroughs

This topic is not an easy one to fit into a 50 minute session... so to help attendees, and those reading along with the slides at a later time, these resources and walkthroughs, links etc, will help you with other pieces of the puzzle that I lightly breeze over in the main presentation.

Check back as I blog on more detail all the subjects I covered

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