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Ok, Ok, I know, I've been busy, family this, work that... I dont know if I should use Mura, or BlogCFC or Mango Blog, or ContentBox, my own HomeBrew, excuses excuses... but look, I've finally done it.

I've been threatening the world wide web for a while now that I would blog some of my thoughts, stories, and hard learned lessons, and I finally just bit the bullet and done it. Everyone has been asking where's your blog, and I kept talking about these articles I was compiling... but never actually publishing. So, hopefully I've got enough stockpiled now, that I can keep publishing on a regular basis, and there might be something worth reading... maybe, for some of you guys.

Who am I? My name is Gavin Pickin, I'm a ColdFusion Developer that handles servers, backend programmer, and front end development too, although, I usually leave the designing up to a designer, I'm known to bust out a few designs now and then, from PNG (yes, I'm a fireworks guy) through to HTML CSS and Javascript. Before you start judging my design skills on this blog design, its the standard template, I haven't touched it yet, if I waited until I did that, you might never see the blog, so I'm trying to get some content up first, and then I'll work on the design.

For the most part, if you want to know more about me, read the About Gavin page... but I'll add a few tidbits here.
I've been programming ColdFusion for 14 years, and have been a consumer of the ColdFusion Community, but have only recently (2013) started to give back, well, not sure if give back is accurate yet, but communicate back. You might have heard about me, if you listen to CF HOUR, I'm "that" Gavin. If you don't, you should, its a quality Podcast, if you can get past the 40 minutes of Irrelevant Self Indulgence in each episode. I quite enjoy their self indulgence, its part of who they are, and I actually like their humor... I guess thats the KIWI side of me.

Yes, I'm a Kiwi, New Zealand born, we're call Kiwis after the Bird, not the Fruit... and we call them KIWI Fruit, not just Kiwis... for the record. Been living in Bakersfield, Ca, since 2000, I am happily married to my beautiful wife Sarah Bell (yes, that is her first name Sarah and Bell), with a healthy happy family, 5 kids, ranging from 8 months to 15 years old.

I am a curious coder, with the drive to learn, i didn't go back and listen to all 170 episodes of CF Hour in a month just for the hell of it. I'm always wanting to learn new things, and push what I can do, and where I can go.

I went to cfObjective this year in May, 2013, and it was my first ColdFusion Conference, the last conference I went to was a Macromedia conference back in 2000 before i left Auckland. I loved it, and met a lot of great people, a lot I had been talking to on Twitter. I presented at ColdBox Developer Week on TEST DRIVEN LEARNING - LEARNING COLDBOX THROUGH TESTING and I have 3 topic proposals for cfOjective 2014. I love conferences, and hope I can go to more and more of them, and get to know the ColdFusion community (and other communities) better while learning at the same time.

So, what to expect from this blog?

I'm not the best writer in the world, but if volume makes up for it, then you guys are in for a treat. 
As a company, we have a lot of smaller applications, a lot of them legacy, but we're trying to pull them into this century, so I'll be exploring a lot of the following things.

  • Conferences and Community
  • Learning tools, resources, and other interesting things
  • Migration from Windows to Linux Servers
  • Migration from Adobe ColdFusion to Railo and Railo Clusters
  • Getting Started with Source Control, scary isn't it
  • Unit Testing - Yes, I know, so behind the times
  • Mobile Development, jQuery Mobile, Bootstrap and maybe a few others
  • Javascript frameworks, Angular, maybe some Ember.js and a few others
  • ColdFusion Frameworks and tools - Coldbox, FW /1 
  • Content Management Systems, ContentBox, Mura, Matt Giffords WP Port (Eagerly awaiting this one)
  • Mindless Dribble
  • Lots of bad code, and long long long posts with nothing in them

Ok, I think no one is reading this far, so I'm going to hit publish, and be done with it.
Anyone who read this far, you deserve a medal... thanks, and hopefully this might be worth your while, if not... sorry, no refunds.

by Dan Fredericks
11/07/2013 04:36:17 AM

I read a lot of CF blogs, so my opinion, blog about what you like and know or are excited about, don't try to be who you are are not a great writer, don't try to make this perfect, just write how you write, we'll get it :) Glad to see you are starting to you have time to with 5 kids, i'll never understand...LOL Can't wait to read more from you on what you are getting into.

by Lola LB
11/10/2013 03:28:29 AM

Five kids? Wow . . . and you find time . . . my hat is off to you!

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