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August 2014

Gavin Pickin

ColdFusion Install Download Repo - New Home for all your Files

CFML Server, ColdFusion Install Repo

The ColdFusion Install Download Repo has been having some issues lately, with the main location, They shut down a shared folder, but not the whole account, and after no response, and a timely process to move all the files, I decided (with some input from Charlie Arehart) that its probably better off somewhere a little more independent, and more user friendly.

I have always intended to see how it grows, and maybe put up its own website, but everyone knows how time is, so while it was working. was fine. Since it stopped, I decided to make a mini website on my blog, available at
This allows the user to get more information when they first hit the page, the shared folder itself is very plain, and confusing.

This also allows me to blackbox the location somewhat, so if it goes down, I can switch it to alternative locations easier, and there is always that one goto location.

We are going to update the tinyurl as well, but for now, it works, and hopefully this will make it easier for everyone.

Thanks for everyones support, and let me know if you have any issues.


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