April 2018

Gavin Pickin

Attending MuraCon 2018 in Sacramento California April 5th and 6th

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MuraCon6 - April 5th and 6th 2018 in Sacramento CaWorking for Ortus Solutions has a lot of perks, and one of them is being involved with a great company that supports ColdFusion in many ways. One way is sponsoring conferences, this week I am going to MuraCon 2018 to represent Ortus Solutions in Sacramento, California on Thursday April the 5th, and Friday April the 6th. You might think a ContentBox guy going to a Mura Conference is strange, but I'm not going there to spy ( although I might a little ), but I'll be there to discuss other great Ortus Solutions products like CommandBox, CacheBox, and probably the most in demand topic, Docker and Containerization. I will also be there to listen to a lot of great speakers giving great presentations. It might be refreshing to be able to attend a conference without speaking as well. That hasn't happened much lately. Find out how to find me and what I'll be attending while at MuraCon.

It will be a good opportunity to catch up with some ColdFusion friends that will not be at Into The Box, or who I might usually see at CF.Objective() which is on hiatus in 2018. Since its just me, and not the full Ortus Solutions booth setup, you'll have to work a little harder to find me, but its pretty hard to miss a 6'5" 300+ lb Kiwi walking around in Ortus Solutions shirts. I will try and bring some flyers with me, but I'll be there if you want to pick my brain. I'll make time in and around the conference, so if you are there, please reach out to me. 
You can message me on twitter @gpickin or hit me up in the CFML Slack ( Join the CFML Slack )  and we can catch up.

What will I be watching while I am there?

Although there are some interesting content in the Digital Marketing track, I will probably spend most of my time in the developer side of things. There is some great content, and I'm hoping I can soak it all in.

Thursday 5th of April

9:00 am Keynote
11:00 am Expert Insights: Mura 7.1's Flexible Theme Architecture - Steve Withington
1:00 pm CSS is Awesome - Evan Dunham
2:00 pm Deep Dive into Mura.js & JSON API - Matt Levine
3:00 pm Slatwall: eCommerce Unleashed - David Crouch  & Sumit Verma
4:00 pm Integrate "Create React App" Into Mura - Eddie Ballisty
4:20 pm Alexa, ask Mura … - Paul Denato
4:30 pm Rest, Swagger, & OAuth with Mura - Matt Levine
5:00 pm Networking Event

Friday 6th of April

9:00 am Workshop: Intro to Docker & Containers - Bret Fisher
1:00 pm How Adobe ColdFusion Continues to Deliver Tools for Performance, Scalability, and Security - Elishia Dvorak
2:00 pm Journey to Docker Production - Bret Fisher  & Eddie Ballisty
3:00 pm A Modern Development Pipeline with Mura and AWS - Nick Sollecito
4:00 pm Mura AMP'ed Up! - Paul Denato
4:20 pm Content as a Service: Going Headless with Mura 7.1 - Luke Wilson
4:40 pm Undiscovered Mura: A Client Case Study - Chris McCarty
5: 00 pm Closing Remarks

I am really excited about this Conference. I have never been, and it has a lot of great content.
If you aren't attending Into the Box April 25th through April 27th in Houston, register now.

Hope to see you guys at MuraCon this week.


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