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November 2016

Gavin Pickin

Day 4 - Ortus Developer Week 2016 - Thursday Nov 17, 2016

Apache, CommandBox, Conferences, ContentBox

3 days down, 2 to go. We have had 12 great sessions, but we still have 9 sessions still to come. Ortus Developer Week 2016 has over 225 registered users already this year, and the number keeps growing daily. Thursday's sessions will be bringing you a couple of deep dives, CommandBox and ContentBox. Then we'll have legendary Mark Mandel showing us Scalable Realtime Microservices with Kubernetes and gPRC. Last but not least, we'll learn how to accelerate web applications with Nginx.

February 2015

Gavin Pickin

CommandBox Roadshow - Episode 3 - Building Custom Commands - with ME

Apache, CFML Language, CFML Server, CommandBox, Lucee, Online Interactive Learning

I have been playing with Ortus Solution's amazing new tool CommandBox a lot lately. After a couple of posts on my blog, Brad Wood from Ortus Solutions reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in sharing what I have been doing with the community. A lot of time and money was invested by Ortus Solutions to make this product, and every knows ColdFusion / CFML in general needed something like this for a long time now, so of course I accepted their offer. I have already posted a couple of blog posts on the Ortus blog, and today we recorded an episode of the CommandBox Roadshow, with yours truly in charge of the Adobe Connect session.

February 2015

Gavin Pickin

How to get your Tomcat to pounce on startup, not crawl

Apache, CFML Server, Server Admin

As promised in my last few posts, I am finally going to give you a couple of Tomcat tips and tricks, that can seriously speed up your Tomcat startup time. In all fairness, they are simple configurations, and I am not the first to find them, not even the first CFMLer to find them. This is how I got my Tomcat startup from 164 seconds, down to 8 seconds, a gain of 156 seconds, in 1 line of code.

February 2015

Gavin Pickin

Pros and Cons of Mod_CFML with Tomcat for Lucee

Apache, CFML Server, Lucee, Migrating to Railo, Server Admin, Tools and IDEs

I have been talking a lot lately about different configuration options, since Lucee is the hot new thing since ‘POCKETS’. Everyone has been asking about best ways to work with Tomcat, versus other servlet containers, and so I have been playing… and have released a few posts on the matter. Every time I post anything on Tomcat, I always get asked about MOD_CFML, so I thought it was about time I wrote a post on what I knew about it, as always, I am not the expert, I am just sharing some of my knowledge, hopefully others will share too, and we can all learn.

February 2015

Gavin Pickin

Apache and Tomcat - Save yourself the XML Editing - No more Tomcat restarts

Apache, CFML Server, Lucee, Migrating to Railo, Server Admin, Techie Gotchas

On the Lucee Google group the other day, someone mentioned a way to connect Nginx to Tomcat, so you do not need to bother adding the XML Host for every new website you want to run on Lucee (or Railo). This has always been a pain point for switching from Adobe ColdFusion, to Railo or now Lucee, dealing with a Virtual Host for Apache in httpd.conf, and a XML Host in server.xml and making sure they match, and editing requires a restart. Adobe’s ColdFusion runs on a hacked Tomcat, that they specially tuned to work like jrun used to, but a lot of people don’t like being stuck on their upgrade path too. I decided to look at this Nginx approach, and get it running in Apache, and see what downsides I could find.

February 2015

Gavin Pickin

Using CommandBox CLI to build your own Commands for Lucee

Apache, CFML Language, CFML Server, CommandBox, Lucee, Server Admin, Tools and IDEs

Yesterday I apparently started a series of posts, on CommandBox CLI, and how to write your own commands, in cfml, to make your life easier. I started a set of commands under the kiwiSays namespace, and we built 3 commands / cfcs, called addWebsite, startLucee and stopLucee. We got most of addWebsite built, today lets look at startLucee and stopLucee.

February 2015

Gavin Pickin

Adding Lucee Connection Configuration so Apache can Serve Lucee Sites

Apache, CFML Server, Lucee, Server Admin

Working with Apache can be daunting for some, simple for others, we all have our ways to handle it. I really like having individual conf files for each site, to make it easy to update one VirtualHost at a time, and if I want to zap a site, or duplicate it, or automate it, its just simple file changes, I don’t need to parse a whole file.

I manage connections in a similar way, each connection type, CF9, CF10, CF11, Railo, Lucee, would all have its own connection file, that I can include in each of the Virtual Hosts. Easy to manage, update in one file, it extends to all hosts using that include, and of course, keeping it out of your main httpd.conf or the main folder structure helps for ease of update, and gives you automation options etc too. So lets look at how I do it.

February 2014

Gavin Pickin

Moving SSL certs from IIS on Windows to Apache on Centos

Apache, OpenSSL, Server Admin

We're migrating a series of Windows Servers to Centos, and in doing so, there are a number of SSL Certificates that need to be migrated too. Going through the whole process of creating new Requests invalidates the old SSL, so it can be a tricky transfer process, and in migrations, you want to try and streamline them as much as possible, so we wanted to export our SSL Certs ahead of time, import them and be prepared. To see how to export SSL Certs from IIS 6 to a .pxf here, I will add a few other walkthroughs for other versions as I complete them.

January 2014

Gavin Pickin

Techie Gotcha - SSL Certificate Problems with Apache and Issuer Chain

Apache, OpenSSL, Server Admin, Techie Gotchas

I am sure SSL Certificates are not new to most Web Developers, unless you have the luxury of an Admin team. I have been using them for years, most of those years admittedly on Windows, but the last several years we have been migrating all of our windows boxes over to Linux (as you could tell from the majority of my posts). Just recently though, something new came up, which I had not seen before, so I thought I would share my experience, for anyone else looking for a solution out there.

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