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October 2018

Gavin Pickin

My presentation on VueJS at Adobe CF Summit 2018 in Las Vegas, Nv

Books and Training, Javascript, jQuery, VueJS

I was lucky enough to present at Adobe's CF Summit 2018, which was held at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, October 1st-3rd. I presented my session "The easy way to make your CF App Pretty and Cool with VueJS and CF APIs" on Wednesday after lunch. To make sure I was kept busy, when Adobe reached out for speakers to be volunteers for the preconference, I signed to be a TA, where I ended up helping Nolan Erch and Carl Von Statten in their preconference workshop. After the conference, I then spent Thursday and Friday leading the ColdBox Zero to Hero workshop with 16 great Coldfusion developers looking to modernize their ColdFusion development. Read more for the Slides and Demos

February 2017

Gavin Pickin

Free Hands On ContentBox Workshop at ITB 2017 in Houston

Books and Training, Conferences, ContentBox, IntoTheBox

Come attend the free day-long ContentBox workshop, being held the day before IntotheBox, as we will walk through converting an existing CFML-based website (one which you may recognize) into ContentBox, including the steps from scratch, the benefits, and available features and options to really empower and improve most any site.

February 2015

Gavin Pickin

Packt Publishing Encourages Customers to Learn New Skills with 18 free e-books

Books and Training, Chit Chat, Steals and Deals

As an avid techie, and a habitual learner, I love ebook publishers, and Packt Publishing is one of the top ones on my list. I have bought many a book, hard copy and e-book over time from Packt Publishing, and have mentioned that in my blog in a previous post. Today I'm writing this post to inform you of a great Promotion Packt Publishing has started, which includes 18 days of Free learning, with a different e-book available, for free, every day from Feb 16th, through March 5th.

Keep reading for all the details

January 2014

Gavin Pickin

Deals and Steals - Books and Training - Review of OOP for CF and Ebook Sale Ending

Books and Training, Steals and Deals

Its the 1st of January, 2014, and its time for some resolutions, and decisions, and today, I'm reminding you of an important one. Leveling up your skills... Packt Publishing's $5 Ebook sale is ending Jan 3rd, so its your last chance to pick up some of those amazing books, for only $5, you just can't beat that deal.

Today I bought 10 books, some of them I discussed here in my first post on the Ebook-bonanza from Packt Publishing but I decided to look a little more and picked up a couple more. Today, I busted open the first one, one I have been meaning to read for a LONG time now, so I finally did. It was a good read, and actually finished it today. Matt Gifford's Object Oriented Programming for ColdFusion... so let me tell you what I thought about it.

December 2013

Gavin Pickin

Deals and Steals - Books and Training - Packt Publishing $5 Ebook Special

Books and Training, Steals and Deals

Its Christmas time, and its all about shopping right? Well, maybe not, but there are sometimes a few good deals to be found, and today is one of those days. Packt Publishing, one pretty reputable book company that deals with books for IT Professionals, Administrators and Users, is having an EBook Bonanza… where every single Ebook they have, which is almost 2000 books, are all going for $5. They support multiple formats, and yes, they are only $5 each. This special lasts until January 3rd, so jump on it, and soon.

If you want a paperback copy of course, Amazon is always awesome, and you can check all of Packt Publishing books listed here on Amazon. Note the Kindle Edition Prices on Amazon are 14-25 dollars, just skimming down the page. So this is a great deal, but more importantly, are these books that you want really want? I have a couple already, in paperback, and I have my eyes on several others, and I'll tell you why I'm going to snap them up.

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