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March 2014

Gavin Pickin

Charity Corner - Diabetes and Fly a Foul Mouthed Fusioner Fund

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EDIT - Please go to support Jared here instead

Tomorrow I have a meeting with one of my new Charity Corner businesses tomorrow. I have decided to try and help out the community by dedicated so many hours a month to help local charity and non profit groups trying to get up and running. Tomorrow, I'm meeting with a brand new Non Profit who's mission is to help run camps and events for young and old Diabetics (type 1 and 2), in our region, where there are no Diabetic groups currently running. With parents suffering from Type 2, and one of my Sisters a life long Type 1 sufferer, I thought it was a worthy candidate for this months project. While thinking about this Charity project, I thought of another one, that the ColdFusion community might be interested in.

In our small but powerful ColdFusion community, our currency seems to be based on Virtual Thank you's, and Beer… surprisingly, a lot of beer. I am saddened to say, one of our biggest contributors to the community of late was thinking about cashing in some of this currency, but was sad to know, that the Airlines, will not take a series of IOUs, even those IOUs for beer.

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