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April 2018

Gavin Pickin

Attending MuraCon 2018 in Sacramento California April 5th and 6th

CFML Language, cfObjective, Conferences, ContentBox

MuraCon6 - April 5th and 6th 2018 in Sacramento CaWorking for Ortus Solutions has a lot of perks, and one of them is being involved with a great company that supports ColdFusion in many ways. One way is sponsoring conferences, this week I am going to MuraCon 2018 to represent Ortus Solutions in Sacramento, California on Thursday April the 5th, and Friday April the 6th. You might think a ContentBox guy going to a Mura Conference is strange, but I'm not going there to spy ( although I might a little ), but I'll be there to discuss other great Ortus Solutions products like CommandBox, CacheBox, and probably the most in demand topic, Docker and Containerization. I will also be there to listen to a lot of great speakers giving great presentations. It might be refreshing to be able to attend a conference without speaking as well. That hasn't happened much lately. Find out how to find me and what I'll be attending while at MuraCon.

March 2018

Gavin Pickin

Speaking at Into the Box 2018 in Houston Texas April 25-27th

Conferences, IntoTheBox, Podcasts

Into the Box 2018 is coming up, and again this year I will not only be presenting a session, but 2, as I will also be leading a 1 day workshop the day prior to Into The Box with Eric Peterson. To find out more, please read this blog post, check out the Into the Box website, and listen to my upcoming interview on ColdFusion Alive.

November 2017

Gavin Pickin

Presentation - 3 ways to test your ColdFusion API - at CF Summit 2017

Conferences, Javascript, Online Interactive Learning, Unit Testing

CF Summit 2017 was a lot of fun, lots of new faces, and good to meet friends, old and new alike. I really enjoyed the ColdBox 2 day training, RESTFul Training Bootcamp. I also enjoyed, Pete Freitag's Hands On CFML Security Workshop. It was fun, and terrifying at the same time. My session on 3 ways to test your ColdFusion API went well, lots of interest, and lots of discussion after the class. I am sharing my slides in this post, as well as a collection of other Video Presentations from previous presentations by myself, and others, which will help build upon the information presented.

July 2017

Gavin Pickin

cf.Objective() in DC this week - July 20 & 21 2017

cfObjective, Conferences

This year has flown by. I've been busy, and obviously writing blog posts for my personal site has fallen by the way side. Into The Box converted from a 1 day conference, to a 2 day conference, and was a huge success in Houston in April... and this week is the next conference, cf.Objective(). Yes, dev.Objective() has been renamed back to cf.Objective() and has moved from MN to Washington DC. 

I am lucky to be speaking at cf.Objective() again, with 2 sessions, plus, if you get into DC early, I am presenting at the NORTHERN VIRGINIA COLDFUSION USERS GROUP (NVCFUG) on Wednesday night.

February 2017

Gavin Pickin

Free Hands On ContentBox Workshop at ITB 2017 in Houston

Books and Training, Conferences, ContentBox, IntoTheBox

Come attend the free day-long ContentBox workshop, being held the day before IntotheBox, as we will walk through converting an existing CFML-based website (one which you may recognize) into ContentBox, including the steps from scratch, the benefits, and available features and options to really empower and improve most any site.

February 2017

Gavin Pickin

I'm speaking at Into the Box 2017 - Join me for my free ContentBox Workshop

Conferences, ContentBox, IntoTheBox

For those following me, know that I have spoken at previous Into The Box conferences, and this year is no different. Into the Box conference, has expanded in 2017, from 1 day of conference content, to 2 days of conference content + 1 day of workshops. Ortus Solutions are hosting Into The Box 2017 in Houston Texas in April. Wednesday the 26th has 5 great workshops, Thursday April 27th and Friday 28th are 2 full days of great conference sessions, with 2 tracks to choose from… over 30 sessions.

Read more and learn more about my FREE Workshop

December 2016

Gavin Pickin

IntoTheBox 2017, New Year, New Venue, New Format, More Great Content

cfObjective, Conferences, IntoTheBox

Ortus Solutions is happy to be an active member of the ColdFusion / CFML community, one way we contribute to the community is with opensource, another is continued education and training. After successful bootcamps, trainings, and online conferences, Ortus Solutions created their own conference, IntoTheBox in 2014. After 3 years in MN, the day prior to CF.Objective() ( also knows as dev.Objective() ), its time for IntoTheBox to make some big changes and go out on its own. ITB 2017 has a lot of changes, read more to find out all the details.

November 2016

Gavin Pickin

Day 5 - Ortus Developer Week 2016 - Friday Nov 18, 2016

CommandBox, Conferences, ContentBox, Ionic

Its been a great week so far, its the last day for Ortus Developer Week 2016, and we still have 5 great sessions for you. We start today off bright and early, 7am PST with a bonus session from Alex Muramoto bringing us Ionic 2: More Framework, More Hybrid, More Better. Dive into whats new with Ionic, from an actual Ionic Developer Advocate. We are also going to see presentations on Realtime Web Sockets, Couchbase and its new N1QL SQL like querying language, Advanced HTML 5 features and a closing session, where we'll give you a hand on walkthrough using box products, building a module and submitting

November 2016

Gavin Pickin

Day 4 - Ortus Developer Week 2016 - Thursday Nov 17, 2016

Apache, CommandBox, Conferences, ContentBox

3 days down, 2 to go. We have had 12 great sessions, but we still have 9 sessions still to come. Ortus Developer Week 2016 has over 225 registered users already this year, and the number keeps growing daily. Thursday's sessions will be bringing you a couple of deep dives, CommandBox and ContentBox. Then we'll have legendary Mark Mandel showing us Scalable Realtime Microservices with Kubernetes and gPRC. Last but not least, we'll learn how to accelerate web applications with Nginx.

November 2016

Gavin Pickin

Day 3 - Ortus Developer Week 2016 - Wednesday Nov 16, 2016

Conferences, ContentBox, Unit Testing

Ortus Developer Week 2016 has over 225 registered users already this year, and the number keeps growing daily. The first 2 days this week had some great sessions, including a mix of Box Products, REST, front end Javascript & UI, Static Site Generators, Testing and even Database Scaling. Today we have 4 more interesting sessions coming at you. Box and Beyond Q&A, RESTful APIs, Testing Automation, and Market Automation for Coldbox / ContentBox Developers. I guess today is another day where I won't get a lot of work done, as I'm glued to my screen watching these sessions. They are recorded as well, so you can always catch them after the fact if needed as well.

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