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December 2013

Gavin Pickin

FusionReactor - A little help from my friends and my Blog is up to Full Speed

CFML Server, FusionReactor, Techie Gotchas

If you have been reading my blog over the last few weeks, you might have noticed a few things change this week. I have been running this blog on ContentBox, for a few reasons, one to check it out, and two because I was having trouble deciding, and I knew more about ContentBox via ColdBox Developer Week videos than the other CFML options out there. So far, I have quite liked using it, although I haven't themed it myself, or added any GAVIN styled modules to it, but there has been one BIG issue for me, SPEED. I wasn't sure why there was a speed issue, but I was determined to find out, before just giving ContentBox a "speed" black label. This week, I looked into it deeper, and if you didn't notice, the site is flying now, much like it should have been, so if you thought my site was slow, please don't attribute it to ContentBox... there was something else at fault... read more, and you'll find out what, and how I found it.

December 2013

Gavin Pickin

Techie Gotcha - All Hell Breaks Loose, at the End of the Line

FusionReactor, Techie Gotchas

The blog posts halted for a couple of days there, I apologize. The good news, my slackness will pay off… because its been a few days where I have been banging my head on the desk, and although I didn't make time to get the blog posts out, I've learned a few things, and that means I'll share them with you.

First thing on the list, all hell breaks loose, at the end of the line. This is a interesting story, with lots of Christmas Characters. Well, maybe not Christmas Characters, but big CFML community characters all the same. We visited the world of Twitter, Google Groups, and then finally, the light went on, and I felt like a complete idiot, because, it was not the first time, this caught me.

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