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November 2017

Gavin Pickin

Presentation - 3 ways to test your ColdFusion API - at CF Summit 2017

Conferences, Javascript, Online Interactive Learning, Unit Testing

CF Summit 2017 was a lot of fun, lots of new faces, and good to meet friends, old and new alike. I really enjoyed the ColdBox 2 day training, RESTFul Training Bootcamp. I also enjoyed, Pete Freitag's Hands On CFML Security Workshop. It was fun, and terrifying at the same time. My session on 3 ways to test your ColdFusion API went well, lots of interest, and lots of discussion after the class. I am sharing my slides in this post, as well as a collection of other Video Presentations from previous presentations by myself, and others, which will help build upon the information presented.

August 2017

Gavin Pickin

Docker Roadshow - 5 free webinars and many more blogs from Ortus this September

CFML Server, CommandBox, Containers, Docker, Online Interactive Learning, Server Admin, Tools and IDEs

Anyone heard of docker? Its the new cool out there, in dev ops, server ops, but surprisingly, its for developers too. Ortus Solutions is doing some cool stuff with Docker, Swarms / Clusters, providing images with CommandBox, ContentBox, and more. If this all sounds greek to you, then you won't want to miss the first online webinar, tomorrow September 1st... by the famous Mark Drew. He's a great guy, smart cookie, great presenter, owner of CMD, and one of the first CFMLers that started talking about Docker at conferences in the past. Check him out tomorrow in the Intro to Containers.

November 2015

Gavin Pickin

Free Online Live Presentations - Ortus Developer Week Starts Today

ColdBox, CommandBox, Conferences, Ionic, Javascript, Lucee, Mobile Development, Online Interactive Learning

After 3 years of ColdBox Developer Week, the name has changed, but the concept is still the same. Ortus Solutions is putting on another Developer Week, with 21 great sessions, all online, free, and live so you can interact, and will be recorded as well in case you cannot make them all. Ortus Solution is involved with so much more than just ColdBox now, so changing the name made sense, as there are sessions from representatives from IBM, Google, Ionic and lots of great community contributions. Today Monday November the 16th, 2015, is the first day, lets see what sessions we have coming up.

February 2015

Gavin Pickin

CommandBox Roadshow - Episode 3 - Building Custom Commands - with ME

Apache, CFML Language, CFML Server, CommandBox, Lucee, Online Interactive Learning

I have been playing with Ortus Solution's amazing new tool CommandBox a lot lately. After a couple of posts on my blog, Brad Wood from Ortus Solutions reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in sharing what I have been doing with the community. A lot of time and money was invested by Ortus Solutions to make this product, and every knows ColdFusion / CFML in general needed something like this for a long time now, so of course I accepted their offer. I have already posted a couple of blog posts on the Ortus blog, and today we recorded an episode of the CommandBox Roadshow, with yours truly in charge of the Adobe Connect session.

March 2014

Gavin Pickin

CFML Language - Talking to Elishia Dvorak from Adobe + ColdFusion about the Edu + Intern Program

CFML Language, CFML Server, Online Interactive Learning

Recently on Twitter, there was some talk about today's ColdFusion evangelist, and who that is. Eventually we tracked down Elishia Dvorak @elishdvorak, who is Adobe and ColdFusion's US representative, who deals with Sales, and the new Education Program, as well as support and everything else. Once we had identified her, we gave her a few jabs about her number of tweets, and then let her be. Elishia posted a tweet

February 2014

Gavin Pickin

Online Interactive Learning - TryCF - Tutorial Contest Over

CFML Language, Online Interactive Learning

Time to talk about one of my favorite new and cool Online Learning tools around, and yes, it's a ColdFusion tool, TryCF. I have talked about TryCF in earlier posts in my Online Interactive Learning category, and one post I talked about submitting my first tutorial. My tutorial was one of the first submitted and approved by the community, and it qualified for the tutorial contest.

February 2014

Gavin Pickin

Online Learning - Podcasts - Mind Opening Interview with the Discoverer of JSON Douglas Crockford

Online Interactive Learning, Podcasts

I am a late comer to the world of Podcasts, but with the birth of my son, I had a lot of time holding babies, feeding babies, changing diapers, and podcasts helped me fill the time and getting my learning kick at the same time. I listen to several podcasts, and the good ones, I zap back hundreds of episodes, to soak up each and every ounce of value out of them. I will not make a post for every good episode I listen to, but if they really stand out, I will post about them here, and invite you to listen, and see what you think of them.

January 2014

Gavin Pickin

Unit Testing - Online Learning - Great way to understand Dependency Injection

Angular, Dependency Injection, Online Interactive Learning, Unit Testing

We've done a lot lately with Unit Testing, and one of the items we touched on, only briefly, in the scheme of things, was Dependency Injection, and why it is a good practice to use. We also discussed why a Dependency Injection framework like ColdBox's WireBoxSean Corfield's DI/1 from Framework/1, and Coldspring from the XML days are a great benefit, especially as your app gained momentum and size. 

I explained it here, and although I only touched on it, I know Dependency Injection is not an easy concept to grasp, the funny thing, once you actually do it, you think to yourself, wow, thats not complicated at all. Yesterday I blogged about the great videos available online at youtube for Angulars Conference ng-conf, and one of the ones I watched about Dependency Injection was priceless... so todays post is going to discuss that video, and then let you watch the video, and everything will click (I hope).

January 2014

Gavin Pickin

Conferences - Online Learning - Angular's NG-CONF Videos All Online

Angular, Conferences, Online Interactive Learning

I have talked a lot about conferences lately, and I apologize, because most of them are very expensive, you have to travel a long way, and there are 500 awesome conferences, and if we went to them all, we'd get no work done. Today, I talk about one we all missed, well, most of us... Angulars conference, ng-conf, which was held last week... January 16th and 17th in Salt Lake City, Utah. So why am I talking about it? If you read the title you'll know why. ng-conf, being a Google backed product, put all of there awesome sessions on Youtube :) I actually caught a few on the live stream, which was cool, as you could ask questions to the team during presentations etc, but the videos are just as great, after the fact.

December 2013

Gavin Pickin

Online Interactive Learning - TryCF - Submitting your First Tutorial Walkthrough

Online Interactive Learning

Yesterday I discussed a great new Coldfusion Community Project,, started by Abram Adams... and how I submitted my first Tutorial and got it published. TryCF is a Coldfusion version the learn by doing school of thought, in the same line as and (which I reviewed in a previous post here). Its a great little tool, that allows you to consume small tutorials, in a practical and interactive way on the site, and code CFML in the browser, without having to download, or install anything on your machine. is a similar browser based coding tool, but that is more of a scratch pad and playground, where this has a series of tutorials, to help you learn the language.

You can login / signup today and get a free account, and start creating your own tutorials to commit to the cause. Adobe has even got on board and has some great prizes for community members who submit tutorials to TryCF during their Tutorial Contest... so today I'm showing you how easy it is to sign up and submit your own Tutorial, just like me (click here to see my tutorial - its not great, but they all help, and if you give feedback, we can all make it better.

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