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June 2015

Gavin Pickin

How to solve CFHTTP SSL issues with CFML Engines like Railo and Lucee

CFML Language, Lucee, Migrating to Railo, OpenSSL, Server Admin, Techie Gotchas

There was a lot of noise about CFHTTP not working when was planning on updating their SSLs in May this year. Will Genovese, one of the good people at CF WebTools, posted ‘ColdFusion 8 & 9 CFHTTP still works with’  about early testing and confirmed that ColdFusion 8 and 9, and even some of their customers using 7 had this working. Of course, just the other day, some of my customers, running on Railo / Lucee started to see some issues. This is how I solved those problems.

April 2014

Gavin Pickin

Heartbleed - Heartbeats - and other Heart filling stories

CFML Server, cfObjective, Chit Chat, ColdBox, Conferences, OpenSSL, Server Admin

Yes, I still have a heartbeat, although my blog didn't have much of one for a while, that is true. The heart filling story, is that my mum and dad flew in the day after my last blog post, so I've been spending a lot of time with my parents, sharing experiences with their grandchildren. They live in New Zealand, so they do not visit too often, and my busy life got even busier. I have been busy, but you have to wait and see the fruit of my labor, more about that below. Of course, this week, you can't go far without talking about Heartbleed, so I have a few tips for those of you fighting Heartbleed too

February 2014

Gavin Pickin

Moving SSL certs from IIS on Windows to Apache on Centos

Apache, OpenSSL, Server Admin

We're migrating a series of Windows Servers to Centos, and in doing so, there are a number of SSL Certificates that need to be migrated too. Going through the whole process of creating new Requests invalidates the old SSL, so it can be a tricky transfer process, and in migrations, you want to try and streamline them as much as possible, so we wanted to export our SSL Certs ahead of time, import them and be prepared. To see how to export SSL Certs from IIS 6 to a .pxf here, I will add a few other walkthroughs for other versions as I complete them.

February 2014

Gavin Pickin

Exporting SSL Certificates from IIS 6 on Windows into .pfx files

OpenSSL, Server Admin

Working with Windows and IIS, you might come across the time when you want to move an SSL Certificate from one server, to another server, and you wonder how you can do this without starting a new request, and go through the whole process again. If you have the .cert .crt or .cer file, you can try and import it into IIS, but you'll realize, you need the CSR generated from the new IIS server, for the .cert .cer .crt file to match it, so you'll have to export the SSL cert to a .pfx. This makes moving SSL Certs from IIS Server to IIS server, but it also allows you to take the SSL and move it to an Apache httpd server using Openssl. This little guide will walk you through creating the .pfx file, preparing for importing it into your new Web Server, whatever you decide to use.

January 2014

Gavin Pickin

Techie Gotcha - SSL Certificate Problems with Apache and Issuer Chain

Apache, OpenSSL, Server Admin, Techie Gotchas

I am sure SSL Certificates are not new to most Web Developers, unless you have the luxury of an Admin team. I have been using them for years, most of those years admittedly on Windows, but the last several years we have been migrating all of our windows boxes over to Linux (as you could tell from the majority of my posts). Just recently though, something new came up, which I had not seen before, so I thought I would share my experience, for anyone else looking for a solution out there.

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