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February 2014

Gavin Pickin

Diversity - The Hot Topic in Tech - Scott Hanselman talks to Model View Culture

Chit Chat, Podcasts

I listen to a lot of Podcasts, and lately I've been listening to a lot of Hanselminutes, with host Scott Hanselman. Today I listened to one of the more recent episodes, with guests from Model View Culture. I was not sure what to expect, but soon learned that Model View Culture was a media company devoted to diversity in Technology... and the most interesting part, it helped me understand some issues and concepts about diversity that I think most people in the "Main System", generally white males, do not understand.

February 2014

Gavin Pickin

Online Learning - Podcasts - Mind Opening Interview with the Discoverer of JSON Douglas Crockford

Online Interactive Learning, Podcasts

I am a late comer to the world of Podcasts, but with the birth of my son, I had a lot of time holding babies, feeding babies, changing diapers, and podcasts helped me fill the time and getting my learning kick at the same time. I listen to several podcasts, and the good ones, I zap back hundreds of episodes, to soak up each and every ounce of value out of them. I will not make a post for every good episode I listen to, but if they really stand out, I will post about them here, and invite you to listen, and see what you think of them.

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