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August 2017

Gavin Pickin

Docker Roadshow - 5 free webinars and many more blogs from Ortus this September

CFML Server, CommandBox, Containers, Docker, Online Interactive Learning, Server Admin, Tools and IDEs

Anyone heard of docker? Its the new cool out there, in dev ops, server ops, but surprisingly, its for developers too. Ortus Solutions is doing some cool stuff with Docker, Swarms / Clusters, providing images with CommandBox, ContentBox, and more. If this all sounds greek to you, then you won't want to miss the first online webinar, tomorrow September 1st... by the famous Mark Drew. He's a great guy, smart cookie, great presenter, owner of CMD, and one of the first CFMLers that started talking about Docker at conferences in the past. Check him out tomorrow in the Intro to Containers.

November 2016

Gavin Pickin

Day 2 - Ortus Developer Week 2016 - Tuesday Nov 15, 2016

Angular, Conferences, IntoTheBox, Javascript, Tools and IDEs, Unit Testing

Ortus Developer Week 2016 started yesterday, Monday November 14th 2016 with a bang. We had Raymond Camden talking about Static Web Site generators, and all 4 sessions had great attendance. Today, Tuesday the 15th is going to be another action packed day of presentations. For those those have not heard of ODW, it is a series of FREE and live webinars hosted by the Ortus Team and seasoned developers from around the world. These sessions will cover software development, web and mobile, and usage of any of our open source and commercial products. After a busy conference season, ODW gives you 1 more action packed week of sessions, enjoyable without travel & TSA, all from the comfort of your own office. If the sessions are too distracting to watch while you work, we record all the sessions, and make them available for later viewing as well.

November 2015

Gavin Pickin

CF Summit - Come see my session today - in the Main Room

CFML Language, Conferences, Javascript, Node.js, Tools and IDEs, Unit Testing

The blog has been quiet for a while, a lot of reasons, most of which I'll share with you very soon.

If you are at CF Summit today, Tuesday the 10th of November, 2015, come check out my session at 11am in Bristlecone 5.

Presentation Mini Site:

February 2015

Gavin Pickin

Pros and Cons of Mod_CFML with Tomcat for Lucee

Apache, CFML Server, Lucee, Migrating to Railo, Server Admin, Tools and IDEs

I have been talking a lot lately about different configuration options, since Lucee is the hot new thing since ‘POCKETS’. Everyone has been asking about best ways to work with Tomcat, versus other servlet containers, and so I have been playing… and have released a few posts on the matter. Every time I post anything on Tomcat, I always get asked about MOD_CFML, so I thought it was about time I wrote a post on what I knew about it, as always, I am not the expert, I am just sharing some of my knowledge, hopefully others will share too, and we can all learn.

February 2015

Gavin Pickin

Using CommandBox CLI to build your own Commands for Lucee

Apache, CFML Language, CFML Server, CommandBox, Lucee, Server Admin, Tools and IDEs

Yesterday I apparently started a series of posts, on CommandBox CLI, and how to write your own commands, in cfml, to make your life easier. I started a set of commands under the kiwiSays namespace, and we built 3 commands / cfcs, called addWebsite, startLucee and stopLucee. We got most of addWebsite built, today lets look at startLucee and stopLucee.

February 2015

Gavin Pickin

How to write your very own CLI Commands in CFML

CFML Language, CFML Server, CommandBox, Lucee, Node.js, Server Admin, Tools and IDEs

I bet half of my audience just tuned out, seeing CFML in the title, but this is easier than writing Node as a Javascript Developer… of course you can prove me wrong. In case you have been sleeping under a rock, I’ll let you know that CommandBox went gold today… which apparently means it made it to 1.0. Its not like musical going gold, where you sold so many copies, going gold meant you made it to 1.0, and your api is solid enough to use in production or something. CommandBox is a CLI, a CFML REPL, Package Manager, built on a tiny Java Servlet Container, which means you can even spin up a server in any directory. Ortus Solution listened to the cries for a CLI and Package manager, and with Forgebox being extended to other any CFML library or module, not just Ortus / Coldbox libraries and modules, the CFML community finally has it.

February 2015

Gavin Pickin

Setting up Lucee in my Dev Environment - Changing Ports

CFML Server, cfObjective, Lucee, Migrating to Railo, Server Admin, Tools and IDEs

A while back now, I released a series of posts on setting up Apache along with  Railo, ColdFusion, in a multi engine setup, including some ways to make it easier to maintain virtual hosts in Apache, and Railo. Now, I’m getting the Lucee Express setup on my Dev environment, so I thought it would be a good time to rehash some of that, and see whats different, or what I’m doing differently these days.

Lucee was just announced a few days ago, so the Express is designed for all OSes, the installers are in the queue, but they have not been released yet, so this does not cover an installer options. We’re assuming you went to and clicked on downloads, and downloaded and unzipped the Lucee Express Folder.

January 2015

Gavin Pickin

Whats better than Firefox Developer Tools? Firefox Developer Edition

Javascript, Tools and IDEs

In the world we work in, the Web world, there are lots of IDEs and tools out there. One of the best tools to ever come out for Web / Javascript development, and made developing in Javascript even possible I thing, was Firebug. These days most modern browsers have web tools, and they're getting better every day. Some like Firefox's Dev tools, others prefer Chrome, and I have heard that IE 11s are actually pretty amazing. Each suite of test tools one ups the other, and the innovation is good for all of us.

I am probably very behind the times, but I only just learned of another option from Mozilla, which is better than Firefox's Dev Tools... a Firefox Developer Browser.

June 2014

Gavin Pickin

The CFML Community's Cries for Help have Been Heard

CFML Language, CFML Server, ColdBox, Tools and IDEs

Talk about some link bait, but, to be honest its pretty accurate. For the longest time now, the CFML community has been asking for several things, to help bring CFML into todays standards for languages, and the call has been answered. What are these things I talk about, CLI Command Line Interface, REPL Read Evaluate Print Loop, a Package Manager, and a Command Line way to Access the Package Manager. For those of you who did not make it to cf.Objective() or Scotch on the Rocks, you might not have heard, but Ortus Solutions has created CommandBox, and even Adam Cameron has no problem with all the superlatives in the documentation, because even he agrees, CommandBox is AWESOME. Although Adam stated it as "This is possibly the most important innovation in #CFML since CFCs" - that's awesome

May 2014

Gavin Pickin

ColdFusion 11 Stumbles out the doors - CF 11 and CFB 3 are available

CFML Language, CFML Server, Chit Chat, Tools and IDEs

I know everyone has heard, ColdFusion Server 11, and ColdFusion Builder 3 have hit the shelves. I decided I wasn't going to make a big deal of it, because Friends don't let Friends use Beta QUALITY software in Production, right. I used the Betas, I installed them, heck, I'm even presenting on using CF 11 in my Multi Engine talk at cf.Objective(), but I feel like the Beta seemed a little rushed, and maybe the product could have spent a little more time cooking. Here's why.

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