May 2014

Gavin Pickin

CF Online Meetup - Meet the Into the Box Presenters

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Today Charlie Arehart hosted several of the Into the Box Session Speakers in a Special edition of the CF Online Meetup. With cf.Objective() and Into the Box coming very fast, less than 2 weeks away, time is running out to get your tickets, and book your flights and participate in the best week of Cold Fusion in 2014. Into the Box has only a few tickets left, with all the sponsor giveaways, the value is obvious, and tickets are going to be gone any day now.

You can view the recording here of today's session
For all the information on Into the Box, check out the site: where you can find information on all the speakers, the sessions, the movie trailer, and much more.

It was a fun talk, and I was glad I was able to be a part of the session, and cannot wait for my 2 sessions at Into the Box.

Remember, Into the Box is not just a ColdBox Conference, there is lots of CFML Value, whether you use ColdBox, FW/1 or your own homebrew framework... check out the recording to hear from the presenters themselves why you should go.

If you are unable to make it, you'll be happy to know we are encouraging all the Into the Box presenters to come back to CF Online Meetup after the conference to record their sessions, but you know, being there is way more fun.

I know the blog has been quiet, I hope you're ready for a down pour... time to get things moving again.
Thanks for reading.

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