May 2014

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CFML Conference - Into the Box - Keynote Goodies

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If you did not know, today, the day before cf.Objective(), Ortus Solutions' very own 1 day ColdFusion Conference is going on at the Homewood Suites by Hilton, across the road from the Radison Blu. The event has a large number of community sponsors, speakers from Team Coldbox, and other community members, plenty of goodies, its not hard to believe the conference sold out. I've talked about the event several times on my blog, because I'm speaking today, but also because I have been eagerly awaiting some ColdBox announcements at the keynote, and it did not disappoint.

It has been rumored for a while, that ColdBox was going to work on:

  • De-Modularize the ColdBox Core
  • Package Manager
  • CommandBox - CLI, REPL

Luis confirmed that ColdBox Lite, the ColdBox MVC will now be the new ColdBox. In the past, ColdBox has included all the libraries by default, but with everything these days, the move is to smaller more modular pieces, and only including what you're using. This is a big move for ColdBox, and due to the complexity of dependencies, breaking ColdBox into smaller modules, required the use of a Package Manager, which leads to their next announcement.

ForgeBox 2.0 will be a ColdFusion Package Manager, expanding from basic ColdBox related technologies, to include, any and every CFML library or project. ColdBox will use JSON.BOX files similar to NPM to register Packages to have a central repository for packages, but expanding ForgeBox to allow you to have Private Repos on top of the Public Repo as well. This has been one of the wishes on my wish list for ForgeBox, to allow our apps to use a local private Repo, and the Public repo, to allow our apps to follow the same structure and make it easier to integrate in the future.

With a Package Manager, only accessible through Web APIs, and the Browser, its not really up to par these days, so ColdBox is pushing the envelope again, and is releasing CommandBox, a CFML based CLI and REPL that allows you to run commands for scaffolding, package management tasks, CFC creation, and run code inline like REPLs available in other languages.

CommandBox is only at Alpha 1, available in the next week or two, but the presentation was really impressive. Running on Windows, Mac and Linux, with familiar commands like help, ls and dir… the CommandBox CLI should be easy to pick up for anyone at any level of Command Line experience.

Nested Help and Tab Completion makes it intuitive, and again, written with CFML, we will be able to write our own extensions and automation.

The future for the CFML Community is looking good, with tools like this, and being open and available, no matter your framework, I cannot wait to get the PackageManager connected to other great resources like CFLib, and what others will do to build upon this solid base.

The keynote also showed off some changes to ContentBox and its 2.0 version coming soon, and what it has in store for us.
It was a great start to a great day… Into the Box is looking to be a great success, and cf.Objective() will make this a great week.

If you aren't here, start planning for next year... you are missing out.

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