February 2014

Gavin Pickin

CFML Server - A Different type of ColdFusion Repo - ColdFusion Installs

CFML Server, ColdFusion Install Repo

UPDATE: New home for the CF Install Repo Available:

Today, Adam Cameron posted an interesting little blogette about things he is not
The short of it all, was that recently a lot of people have been asking for older versions of ColdFusion, and as Adam put it, he is not a download service, and its not his job to look after everyone else's software. 

This isn't the first time I've heard about it lately, and I even put a copy of one or two downloads on a server for someone to download, from a collection I have laying around on some Backup Drives here and there. I thought it would be cool if there was a centralized shared location that anyone from the CFML community could go and get a ColdFusion Installer, without having to Login to Adobe, and realize they only have the latest 2 versions available (See Note Below). With CF 11 coming closer and closer by the day, CF9 will no longer be available sometime soon, so I guess now is as good a time as any to start this repo myself.

I had thought about how we should do this repo for a little bit now, thought about servers, free space etc, and then today when I read Adam's article, I thought why not just use is a pretty cool service, much like DropBox, but a couple of key differences

  • You start with 15gb
  • You get 5gb per referral (use the link below so we both get 5gb for the referral)
  • Shared Folders Storage Amounts are SHARED between the SHAREEs, so if you have 2 users, you get usage for only half of the shared files, share it with 10 people, you get 10% each, compared to Dropbox, if you have 10 users sharing, you each get charged 100% of the storage amount.

I signed up an account specifically for this project, and created and shared a folder called ColdFusion Installs.
I decided to sort the installs by Operating System, and then 32bit and 64bit.

I happened to stumble across one of my old CDs, which happened to have ColdFusion 5, ColdFusion MX 6.1 and ColdFusion MX 7 for windows, so I thought it was pretty cool to start off the repo with some oldies. I even have the serial numbers still, but I did not share those, find your own. 

I also uploaded a series of other installs I had on my local machine(s), I will look through my Raid Backup later when I get time, but when I checked back on Adam's blog, I noticed another interesting post.

David Epler said… 

Or just follow the links and download direct from Adobe still.

I read his article, and he was right, before Verity was removed from ColdFusion 9, while ColdFusion 8 was still available, they had a series of links on their page. Through some sneakiness (you'll have to read his blog to see what I mean) he acquired the names of the files, hashes, links etc. The file were supposed to be only good until a certain date, but all they did was remove the links, so all the links to the files on Adobes Servers are still active.

NOTE - You have to follow his instructions, and login to Adobe's site first, otherwise the links will return a 404 error. 

That was a great find, and one I had not ran across in my travels, so I have included a read me file which has the link to his blog (shown above) and a little information… so you can get the downloads direct from the source
I will also place them in the Shared Folder for ColdFusion Installs, just in case the links do end up dead one day.

If you have any files, and want to help out, let me know.You should be able to place files in the share, if you cannot, let me know, and we can figure it out. I haven't done too much with sharing yet.

The referral link to get your 15gb + 5gb bonus

The link to the shared folder or - thanks to Charlie Arehart for the tinyurl. [EDITED]
Update: Use Link At Top of Page


We have already helped one person who was chatting with me on Twitter, hopefully it will become useful for others looking for installs for testing, compatibility or just plain curiosity.

Bonus: I have access to these from anywhere and I don't have to remember which CD case its in, or which backup drive I put it on. 


Thanks for reading,


by Peter Boughton
02/13/2014 03:16:40 AM

Your link to David's site is truncated?

Should be this: If my maths are correct, it's only ~6GB for all the installers that David links to?

by Gavin
02/13/2014 10:16:01 AM

Thanks Peter, I should have proofed it properly. I have now updated the link, and actually linked it too.

Looks like your math is about right, so far I have about 4.5gb up on the repo, and I'm still working on it. I think with some of the older versions etc, we'll still have plenty of room in the Copy drive.

I'll keep plugging away on those files, and keep hunting my archives too. Thanks for the feedback

by Craig Taylor
02/15/2014 03:51:36 PM

I'd be happy to contribute. I have installers going as far back as 4.0. Had to help a friend at NASA about three years ago when they needed a copy of 4.5 but no one had it. Just let me know how to get them to you. Cheers-Craig

by David Epler
02/18/2014 06:40:57 AM

I do recommend adding a file that contains the MD5 sums of the files so people know if the download is valid. I had contemplated doing exactly what you are doing now back when I did my blog post, but decided against it since I didn't want to be the repo and the fact that the links still work (it was possible to to get CFMX 7 through them as well, but haven't tried it recently)

by Gavin
02/18/2014 09:47:12 AM

Good point David... I'll do that asap.

Let me know if the CFMX7 links still work when you get a chance, I'd like to put up what we can, its free storage, and kind of nice to have them all in one place.

Thanks again for sharing.

by Charlie Arehart
05/21/2014 07:01:09 AM

Thanks for this, Gavin. Since the URL is a little challenging to share by speaking/remembering it (because of its random characters), I've created a tinyurl link to it: Hope that helps some.

by TD
07/09/2014 10:53:51 AM

Gavin, thanks very much for putting this together. Had to reinstall a CF9 server, and this resource saved me hours!

by Happy Day
07/21/2014 11:45:40 AM

This post and that link to Gavin's Copy box just saved my miserable day. It's not like Adobe is lacking on storage space, no idea why they want to kill a download that fast of a product (CF10) that so many are still using!


by charlie arehart
08/06/2014 06:12:20 PM

Hey Gavin, as I visit the site today (was telling someone else about it), I see it offering no files at all. Has something happened? I tried it in two browsers, just going to the main page. I see the interface elements for, but nothing offered in terms of files and folders.

by Derek
08/07/2014 01:45:56 PM

same here

by Gavin
08/11/2014 09:26:16 AM

I have looked through's settings, and it just stopped working by the look of it. I'm testing some stuff out, I'll update it asap.

Sorry for the inconvenience everyone.

by BrienMalone
08/15/2014 11:40:24 AM

Drat... Figures! Just when I thought I lucked out. LOL Oh well -- I'll keep an eye out.

by charlie arehart
08/26/2014 01:40:13 PM

Still no success, Gavin? Seems the files are still all gone.

If there's some ongoing challenge that can't be resolved, we could move it somewhere else. One of the benefits of the tinyurl pointing to it is that it can mask the real location. Of course, you'd want to change your blog entries, and perhaps you could put at least some single readme file on the old location.

Speaking of that, I had found many to be confused because the interface ONLY supported files and folders and not any sort of introductory text. Some were confused as to how to use it, what was there, and even who had put these there. Perhaps in another incarnation we can make that sort of intro info more clear on the front page.

Let us know, Gavin, if this is something you'd be interested in making happen (a new location, and URL changes, as well as possibly an intro page) or if perhaps you would prefer (or be open to) others taking that ball and running with it.

It's your project after all, so I'm sure many would be reluctant to take any big steps without your blessing. :-)

It's just that especially with Adobe's dropping of downloads for CF10 (due to licensing issues with a feature dropped in 11) it's all the more important to have these downloads available as word spreads about the great site. :-)

by charlie arehart
08/26/2014 01:49:26 PM

Also, Gavin, can you turn on a feature in your blog so that we can subscribe to be notified of comments on blog entries we have commented on? I had posted my first note above about the files missing back about 3 weeks ago, but I never received notice about it.

It was only when I went to look at the download site again today and noticed it still empty that I thought to check here to see if you'd even seen/replied to my comment. :-)

I'm sure others would appreciate the opportunity to get notified about new comments in the thread.

Or am I missing something and it should be working already? :-)

One other thing: did you know that if one enters a comment, and makes a mistake in the formatting of their web site (leaving off the http), their comment will be rejected but they may miss that it's happened? I suspect it may cause some commenters to assume their comments take when they did not.

If you've not experienced it, the blog software takes us back to the TOP of the blog entry in that case, but the error is at the bottom, above the comments input areas.

I wonder if you could do something either to make the failure take them to an anchor that puts them right above the comment, or maybe you could show the error at the top of the page as well. Or maybe, also, you could get the software to ease up on requiring the http://. :-)

As always, just trying to help.

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