February 2014

Gavin Pickin

CFML Server - A Different type of ColdFusion Repo - Update on the Project

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UPDATE: New home for the CF Install Repo Available:

Just an update on the ColdFusion Install Repo I set up not too long ago. If you do not know what I'm talking about, or what to refresh your memory, you can read the first post here. So far, its got a pretty good reception, I see a few people have signed up for new Copy Accounts, giving the repo plenty of room for anything we want to do in all reality. Several people have volunteered to help, which is awesome too. If I haven't responded to you yet, I'm trying to get as much of the stuff I have up there, and then I'll have you guys fill in the gaps. 

Those who checked the repo out, might have seen it organized by system... and then 32 / 64 BIT, and while I thought that might be useful, in fact, it was hard to easily see whats available, so I have eaten some bandwidth, and rearranged it all. Now, when you go to the repo, you'll see a folder for each major version we have, 8.0.1, 9.0.0 and 9.0.1 etc. This makes it very easy to find the version you want, and when you open that folder, you see all of the flavors of that version, and a readme with the size files, and hashes (if available).

Its a simple little change, but it makes it much easier, especially for me, to see what versions we still need to put up there.

Obviously CF11 Codename Splendor is in Beta now, everyone has posted about it. My mate Adam Cameron (ssssh, don't tell him I called him that, and yes, for Kiwis, we can call each other mates without it being some weird thing, unlike aussies lol, they're weird, tangent) has released a series of blog posts about it.
The point of mentioning CF11 was, since its in Public Beta now, the release is closer still, so I'm making sure all the versions of CF9 available on Adobes website will be on the repo before they disappear from the map.

For legal reasons, I am not going to pull down CF11 in beta, if you want to get to the Beta stuff, the best place is and the first link (at the time of writing) is Feb 19 - ColdFusion Beta, which takes you here. The other reason I am not pulling it down is it will change often, and the best place for all the Beta information etc, is on the Adobe Labs site, so if you are interested, go and check it out. 

Also to note, they have an ColdFusion 11 Express Install (link to Adam Cameron's Post on there is here), and the new Version of ColdFusion Builder, Thunder (CFB3) is available to try and play with too.

Side note, why all the weird names? According to a previous ColdFusion Product Manager, if they refer to a Product with an actual name, like ColdFusion 11, they have a legal requirement to release it within a period of time. That is why they use codenames, like ColdFusion Splendor (CF11) and ColdFusion Builder Thunder (CFB3). If they used the name, and delayed the release, or took longer than they thought, and didn't launch it in time, they might get their hand slapped or something. So thats why they use the names, but I don't know why they use STUPID names. Maybe to get people talking about them, because, they do, but sometimes no publicity is better than bad publicity. Side note over.

There have been a few jokes going around about ColdFusion Studio, Homesite etc, so since there is a lot of space on the Repo, you might see another section for TOOLs soon, and I'll throw up the few old ones I have laying around, but mainly for a laugh :) I wish I still have UltraDev... I know I have Fireworks 1 somewhere, and my Flash Certification Certificate.

Anyways, thanks for the support with this, hope its useful, and let me know if you guys think anything else might be useful.
For example, is there a need for Railo Installs? I haven't been using Railo for very long, so I'm not sure what their Version History is like etc. I assume with their Open Source Status, most are not concerned with the specific versions, unless you are World Singles, like Sean Corfield, and are using a specific version.

Have a good one, and go have some fun with CFClient. (Had to throw that dig in there)


by Brad Wood
02/20/2014 06:36:33 AM

No need to keep that for Railo-- they do it themselves :)

by Adam Cameron
02/20/2014 10:58:36 AM

Hey Gavin: we're mates, there's no need to be shy about it! ;-)

Brad: all well and good until Railo decide *not* to do that. I think belt-and-braces is a reasonable approach here. It also centralises things.

-- Adam

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