January 2014

Gavin Pickin

CFML - Time to short using ColdFusions UI - Do it Right

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Today, Adam Cameron and Raymond Camden announced a new community project, that is long overdue... ColdFusion UI - the Right Way. For some time now, ColdFusion's UI elements have been out of date, inefficient, and end up causing more harm than good. Its the "best practice" in the community to steer people clear of them, but there is no real resource for where to point them to. This is where this project comes in... you can tell them, go to this github repo, and you can see several alternatives to ColdFusions implementations, with links, notes, examples, to help you get things done, the right way.

What does Adam Cameron think of the Project?
With the title for his blog post being Oi! You bloody wankers! Stop using ColdFusion UI controls, I think it speaks for itself. 

Why do I think its a great project?
The main reason is, I am constantly looking for alternatives myself, a lot of the time, I find one, and use it on several projects, and I forget which one I used, or maybe because of an incompatibility, this plugin wont work because EXT and jQuery dont play nice, or something. It would be better than my own personal log, because we'd have the best in the cfml community contributing, and it can grow and evolve, like good Community Projects should.

Where to get started?
Raymond Camden's the main Repo -
Go fork it, star it, and think about what UI elements you are using as alternatives to the ColdFusion UI 

What have I done so far?
In the spirit of the project, I have done a little work, and shelled out the beginning of the cfinput - datefield UI element. 

Since the project is brand new today, I just built a simple shell, and thought it would be good as a tester to play with how we want to structure the site, layout the elements, etc. Obviously, its plain, and ugly, we could throw some lightweight framework on it to pretty it up some, and then the key would be trying to keep everyone consistent. We could obviously structure it in such a way that it self documents too, and we could have the pages pull the sub-directories for links and titles, and try to make it grow itself. 

My Fork of the main Repo


If you don't have an open source project, now you do.
If you have one, consider contributing to this one too... its a great cause... making cfml developers better.

Thanks for reading,


by Adam Cameron
01/24/2014 12:24:28 PM

Cheers for the plug, Gavin. To be clear, the title of my blog article was a bit of an in-joke between Ray and myself (he asked me to work "oi" and "wanker" into the article...).

That said, it caught people's attention, so that's good!

Cheers for pitching in so quickly with the project!

I hope to be doing some work on it over the weekend...

-- Adam

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