November 2013

Gavin Pickin

cfObjective 2014 Topic 1 - Setting up your multi-engine environment - Apache, Railo and Coldfusion..


After attending cfObjective for the first time in 2013, and really enjoying the whole experience, I decided that for 2014, I would actually submit a couple of topics, and see if they get any interest. Special thanks to Brad Wood, who invited me to speak at ColdBox Developer Week (free online Conference, you can find all the sessions here) , otherwise, I might not have taken that first step, and actually thought I could present at the level needed for this quality conference. 

I guess we'll see if my topics get any interest... I submitted 3, here is the first of them. Please go and vote, if you think it will be a worthwhile session.

Topic Title: Setting up your multi-engine environment - Apache, Railo and Coldfusion - Play Nice Kids

Trello Card Link:

Description of Target Audience

Are you a developer looking to setup Multiple CFML Engines in your Development or Server Environment, and after reading all of the different blogs out there, just want a walk through, to help clear things up, well, this session is for you.

Assumed Knowledge

None required, although basic installation / configuration or a web server and cfml engine would be easier to follow along.

Objective of the Topic

To give the audience all the knowledge and resources they need to be able to go home and install their own multiple cfml engine environment.
This topic will help walk the audience through dos and don'ts, and with a step by step on how to get Apache, Railo and Coldfusion to all play nicely together. There are many blogs out there showing users how to set up one engine, or another, but this session will help clear up the process. We will install Apache and connect to Coldfusion, Railo and a Railo Cluster, and install a small App to help manage the Websites, Apache, and Connectors, to save you diving into the CONF files continuously.

Why am I qualified to Present

I have been programming Coldfusion for over 14 years, and having been Team Lead and responsible for Server Install, Maint and Configuration for the last 13 years at 2 companies, I have been involved with the day to day coding in Coldfusion, but also the one in the firing line if Coldfusion server is not performing as required.
Recently my team and I have undertaken a migration Project of 100+ CFML websites (varying types and age), in which testing multiple CFML engines was required, I setup our Dev Staging and Production servers, as well as our Local Developer environments.
I built a couple of tools to help manage the setup, which I will share with the audience.

What Will the Audience Learn

- Basic Apache Config
- How to Install Coldfusion and extract the Connector
- How to Install Railo (instances) and extract the Connector
- How to Setup and Connect to a Railo Cluster
- How to edit the Apache and Tomcat Conf files to make them easier to maintain
- How to use my small App to Manage the Apache / Tomcat configurations

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