November 2013

Gavin Pickin

cfObjective 2014 Topic 2 - Moving to Railo - Hints tips and Tricks


This is the 2nd Topic I submitted in the Call for Speakers for cfObjective 2014. The first one can be found here - Topic Setting up your multi-engine environment - Apache, Railo and Coldfusion - Play Nice Kids. There is one more to come.
Go and vote guys :)

Topic Title: Moving to Railo - Hints, Tips and Tricks

Trello Card Link:

Description of Target Audience

The target audience would be any team / developer currently considering moving to Railo, or generally interested in a educational war story, learn from our mistakes.

Assumed Knowledge

Basic CFML knowledge, some Server Setup and Configuration might be useful.

Objective of the Topic

To give audience insight into what the move to Railo might mean for them… highlighting items they might not have thought about, and maybe give them the strategy to overcome some of the hurdles, and make an informed decision on how feasible a move would be for them… using the lessons we learned, to help make someone else's migration, a happier one.

Why am I qualified to Present

I have been programming Coldfusion for over 14 years, and having been Team Lead and responsible for Server Install, Maint and Configuration for the last 13 years at 2 companies, I have been involved with the day to day coding in Coldfusion, but also the one in the firing line if Coldfusion server is not performing as required.
Recently, my team and I started migrating several servers hosting 100+ websites to Linux / Railo, and tackling different issues along the way.
These websites include home brew frameworks, and home brew content management systems, to off the shelve shopping carts and content management systems, meaning each "type" of site bought a whole new set of compatibility and server problems to the table.
During that experience, we have gathered knowledge and experience from around the web, and learned a lot during that process.

What Will the Audience Learn

- Learn some of the not so well known "gotchas" in moving to Railo
- Learn how to override UI tags like CFTextarea in legacy apps making them more powerful and easy to update
- Learn what we miss when moving to Railo - Easier Site Config, Centralized Administration
- Learn what we liked about Railo - Individual Site Contexts / DSNs, Clusters
- Learn some of the tools for finding compatibility issues for Code without Unit testing
- Learn why Unit Testing would save you hours and hours when migrating platforms.
- Bonus Material - Learn about Windows to Linux, Case sensitivity, and how that affects your CFML Applications
- Bonus Material - Learn what Maria DB - Mysql Compatibility really means

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