November 2013

Gavin Pickin

cfObjective 2014 Topic 3 - Why ColdFusion Koans is a great tool - Applying Test Driven Learning


This is the third and final Topic I submitted to the Call for Speakers for cfObjective 2014. You can find Topic 1 here, and Topic 2 here
Please don't forget to go and vote, whether it is for my topics, or anyone else's... it all helps making cfObjective a better conference.

Topic Title: Why ColdFusion Koans is a great tool - Applying Test Driven Learning - Gavin Pickin

Description of Target Audience

If you are not familiar with Coldfusion Koans, Unit Testing, or Test Driven Learning, or are not sure how they could help you train and mentor your Development Team, this might be the session for you.

Assumed Knowledge
Clean Slate

Objective of the Topic

The objective of this topic is to introduce the Coldfusion Koans, which is based on Unit testing (and what that is if you are unaware), and then how you can use both these tools to help you and your Development team to learn using a Test Driven Method.
Unit testing is something the majority of us know we should be doing, and only the minority are doing. The Coldfusion Koans are a great way to touch up on your Coldfusion skills, while learning more about Unit Testing.
Why stop there, why not create your own set of Koans to help your team learn your culture, your conventions, bring new Developers up to speed quickly with Test Driven learning.

Why am I qualified to Present

New to the world of Unit testing myself, Coldfusion Koans (started by Ryan Anklam) was my gateway drug into the world of Unit Testing. I was impressed with the learning style, and came to the conclusion that we could use Koans for lots of applications, and I decided to create my own Koans Project(s) for the community and our company.
I presented Coldfusion Koans and the ColdBox Koans as an introduction to learning Coldfbox at the online ColdBox Developer Week and it was well received.

What Will the Audience Learn

- What is a Koan and where did they come from
- What is the Coldfusion Koans Project
- What Test Driven Learning is
- How Unit Testing can help you learn
- How Koans could help the community
- How you could use Koans to help your business grow

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