December 2013

Gavin Pickin

cfObjective - Back for Round Two - I got the Email - I am a 2014 Speaker


cfObjective 2013 was my first cfObjective conference, and I absolutely loved it. It was great to get out and meet so many people that I had been following for years via blogs, lately, twitter… and immerse myself in the world of Coldfusion for a few days. It was an action packed week, as I took advantage of the time and location with some great Pre Conference training, ColdBox Bootcamp from Ortus Solutions, and when I left there, I was inspired, and counting down the days to the next trip out to the Radisson Blu, in Bloomington MN. 

After leaving cfObjective, I decided that next year, I might submit a couple of topics, and share in the experience even more. When the call for speakers came around, I thought of 3 topics that I would have loved to have seen before starting our recent Server Migration and Restructure, and submitted them to Trello
This weekend, I got the Email, one of my topics was accepted, and I'm speaking at cfObjective 2014, I am super excited.

The topics I submitted were

Thanks again for everyone who voted for me, all of my topics were well received according to the votes, so that definitely helped my confidence, as this will be the first time speaking at a live conference. I did speak at this years Coldbox Developer Week, a free online weeklong developer conference, and with that going so well, it was easier for me to submit my topics to cfObjective… and it has paid off.

The Content Advisory Board (CAB), using the voting as one dimension of their selection process, selected my topic on 

Setting up your multi-engine environment - Apache, Railo and Coldfusion… play nice kids

Its going to be a lot of fun at cfObjective, there was lots of great content submitted using the Trello board, I can't wait until they announce the list of the other speakers selected in the first wave. 

I guess I know what I'll be doing for Christmas Break now, knocking out some content, preparing for my session. I'll be picking your brains as I work on it, because you, the potential viewer can help me decide what are more important points to focus on... to get the most out of the session. 
No spoilers though :

Thanks again for your support.
Hope to see you all there.



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