March 2014

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Charity Corner - Diabetes and Fly a Foul Mouthed Fusioner Fund

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EDIT - Adam Cameron has decided there is a GREATER  need than his own.
Jared, the creator of cf.Objective() has a gofundme page, here.
Adam has instructed me to donate the funds acquired so far and donate them to Jared, and if you would like your donation back, please notify Adam, and he will refund the donation back to you.
Please help a fellow techie in need, spread the word.

Tomorrow I have a meeting with one of my new Charity Corner businesses tomorrow. I have decided to try and help out the community by dedicated so many hours a month to help local charity and non profit groups trying to get up and running. Tomorrow, I'm meeting with a brand new Non Profit who's mission is to help run camps and events for young and old Diabetics (type 1 and 2), in our region, where there are no Diabetic groups currently running. With parents suffering from Type 2, and one of my Sisters a life long Type 1 sufferer, I thought it was a worthy candidate for this months project. While thinking about this Charity project, I thought of another one, that the ColdFusion community might be interested in.

In our small but powerful ColdFusion community, our currency seems to be based on Virtual Thank you's, and Beer… surprisingly, a lot of beer. I am saddened to say, one of our biggest contributors to the community of late was thinking about cashing in some of this currency, but was sad to know, that the Airlines, will not take a series of IOUs, even those IOUs for beer.

Gavin, what the heck are you talking about?

On Twitter last week, our Fowl Mouthed Friend (I say in Jest), Adam Cameron was enquiring abouthotels around the Mall of America, and trying to see if he could stretch the budget to venture out of Bloomington in May, for the best CFML Conference, cf.Objective(). Ray Camden responded pretty quickly to let Adam know he could bunk with him, and several others gave him lots of advice and input, and mentioned how it would be awesome to meet him, or hang out with him.

So that got me thinking… being an avid reader of Adam's blog, and his war stories of late, there are lots of people that owe him a beer, or two, for helping them out with a problem, an issue, troubleshooting, double checking, or just trail blazing the CFML path with CF 11 as he spent his whole vacation punching out a million interesting and thorough blog posts. I think most who read his blog probably owe him a drink or two, and the community as a whole has benefited greatly from having him stand up and be counted in all of the roles he has lately.

  • A thorough, technical, loud but quality blog.
  • Co Created - CF UI The Right Way
  • He Created the Twitter Bug Tracker Scraper Reporter for Updates and Un-Triaged Counts
  • He updated the Bug Tracker to post CFML Bloggers posts to Twitter
  • He is the Admin for site now (created by Ray)
  • He is one of the most prolific Bug Contributors to the Adobe Bug Tracker System
  • He is one of the big contributors to the Adobe Wiki Documentation since the conversion
  • He is the Community Bulldog, and Twitter tyrant, fighting for the CFML Community.

If everyone who thought he had done them a solid, done the community a solid, cashed in a couple of those BEER credits for him… I bet we could Fund a Flight for that Foul Mouthed Fusioner.

I'm sending him a $20, maybe you can too, or maybe someone you know could, heck, the Adobe Team should throw in a ticket to cf.Objective() for all the work he does for them.

Am I Crazy? Yup!
I thought I'd throw it out there though, because if you are not asked, you won't give… and Adam isn't the type to ask.
Here's a paypal account if you want to send a few bucks his way. 

EDIT - Please go to support Jared here instead

Back to Diabetes

As for my other Charity case… I meet with the director tomorrow, and we're going to sponsor the organization's website. We will help them get themselves setup with social media, and give them a push in the right direction. I am a firm believer in the more you give, the more you receive, and organizations like this one need all the help they can get to start with. It never hurts your reputation to be a contributor to the community and a worthy cause either.

How are you helping your community?

Thanks for reading,

by Adam Cameron
03/13/2014 01:52:34 PM

Gavin, you are definitely one of the good people in the CFML community.


-- Adam

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