March 2014

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Cold Fusion Builder - A seriously destructive bug makes it into Version 3

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I mentioned in a previous blog post about some Bugs in CF Builder, although, overall, so much happier with the product than I was with previous versions. The quick file closing is amazing, something I would always dread, but that is gone now, so thats a big plus. I am also seeing less drag on the intellisense like features and lookups, so speed is improving on the whole, but some lil editor bugs here and there.

The big items that I hated in 2, is still in 3... and has caused some headache, heartache, and seriously pissed off several devs I know. I updated the bug today, since Adobe couldn't reproduce it, and I put a video on Youtube to explain the process and show the bug itself, at its destructive best.

Sure, its not going to affect many people, you have to be using ColdFusion Builder, and using RDS. RDS is frowned upon in Production of course, but on dev and staging it is useful to activate for a short time at times, even if only locally. I urge you to go vote for it, watch the video, and you'll see how its a pretty nasty bug, and should be fixed. Those without source control / backups could seriously hurt themselves, think about accidentally deleting your whole entire folder structure... ouch.


Youtube Video:

by Peter Tilbrook
03/19/2014 05:19:30 PM

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