May 2014

Gavin Pickin

ColdFusion 11 Stumbles out the doors - CF 11 and CFB 3 are available

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I know everyone has heard, ColdFusion Server 11, and ColdFusion Builder 3 have hit the shelves. I decided I wasn't going to make a big deal of it, because Friends don't let Friends use Beta QUALITY software in Production, right. I used the Betas, I installed them, heck, I'm even presenting on using CF 11 in my Multi Engine talk at cf.Objective(), but I feel like the Beta seemed a little rushed, and maybe the product could have spent a little more time cooking. Here's why.

Apart from Adam Cameron's 50 blog posts (slight exaggeration) since CF 11 launched, which they are all good, and you should read them by the way... there are a couple of other pretty major issues in my book.

1 - Framework 1, one of the biggest frameworks in active use today, with too many apps written in it to count, is completely "BROKEN" with one of the CF 11 member functions. Sean Corfield raised the bug today saying that you would have thought the CF QA team would at least run a couple of the sample apps of the major frameworks. One of the Core fields uses a string function, that used to rely on a Java function under the covers, is now overridden with a new member function, throwing an error. This instantly eliminates a major proportion of the possible candidates for upgrading to CF 11.

2 - While working with the bugbase to vote and give my input, I noticed the BugBase BUG that has been plaguing people for some time. If you type in the bug number, into the Find by Bug ID search on the top right of the site, it throws an error. At first, I thought was just shoddy performance related bugs, like we've all seen recently, then I looked a little deeper. The input field only allows 6 characters... so the maximum bug ID is 999,999, just under 1 million bugs (assuming they started at 1) is this bug bases limit, for that UI feature. Its funny, because the bug Sean Reported was 3753710... so either the system was never expected to reach 1 million bugs, that's laughable looking at the current situation... or the UI got updated to make it complete useless.

So software that breaks one of the main Frameworks, a Buggy Bugbase, and that's just what I figured out today, on top of all of Adam Cameron's findings, and I'm sure anyone else who cared enough to try it... I have a few words of wisdom...

CF 11 is not Production Safe, please be careful... and report the bugs you find, and vote on the ones you see.

And remember, Friends don't let Friends use Beta QUALITY Software in Production.


Thanks for reading.




by Adam Cameron
05/02/2014 09:12:17 AM

I don't get that issue you mentioned in the bug tracker, Gav..?

-- Adam

by Gavin
05/02/2014 09:15:06 AM

Fastest bug fix in history :) I tweeted to Adobe and ColdFusion yesterday, and now the max lenght is set to 7, not 6.

Glad someone was listening. Pity they don't fix more bugs that quick.

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