June 2015

Gavin Pickin

ColdFusion 12 Pre-Release - Are you ready for the next version of ColdFusion?

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For those of you who missed Adobe at dev.Objective()... don't worry, Adobe is going to be all over the map now... as they are starting the Pre-Release program for ColdFusion 12. They opened a survey so if you want to get in on the Pre Release Program, you can do so today.

If you have not been on a pre-release program before, its a pretty cool experience. You can fill out a survey to go on the list, and if you are selected (not sure how choosey they really are) then you get a special login to the Adobe Beta area. You will have access to the pre-release, a special forum for discussing the product, and any bugs / issues with the app, and might be able to shape the software on the way out the door. Of course you will need to agree to a NDA, to make sure you don't leak top secret information, but its an interesting process, and if you have some time, or are curious, I recommend you get involved.

This version is supposed to be DEVELOPER centric, with focus on making everything better for the developer, after CF11 was all cfclient, and a few language constructs thrown in there for fun.

If you are interested, jump in and fill out the survey here:
ColdFusion's Blog post about it here:

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