June 2014

Gavin Pickin

ColdFusion - Hide n Go Seek with Documentation + Update on the CF Install Repo

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UPDATE: New home for the CF Install Repo Available:

Another interesting week in ColdFusion… other than the call for speakers (if you want to speak at CF Summit, go submit your proposal now), the big talking about over the last week, has been Adobe discontinuing all of the CF8 and CF9 live doc help files, and recommending users, use the new maintainable Wiki. So why is that big news? 

The new Wiki Docs are pretty nice, I've logged in, and edited a page or two, and its nice to be able to have community members, being able to update the information and make it up to date, examples use best practices instead of worse practices, and the documents can evolve. Moving to these documents are a good move, so why is there so much talk?

If you google: coldfusion structKeyExists

You see the top result is and the live docs.
When Adobe shut them off, they left you with this amazing resource, Site Page Unavailable. So, unless you knew that they were shutting the docs down, and knew where the new ones were, you were getting these errors pages, and didn't know why.

Sure, I knew they were doing it, and the active cfml community did, but if you don't live on twitter, or read blogs (a few mentions), you would be really confused, so 95% of the CFML community, the not so active, we confused. I answered several questions on Google+ and twitter, and there are a state of confusion.

What could have been done? As most people suggested,

  • A helpful This page has moved, please use this Documentation from now on page.
  • Redirect the old subdomains to the new documentation

Easy right? Did they do it? Nope

So, of course, this started a twitter conversation about how to get ahold of CF8 Documentation, and Frank, the Main Main with the Adobe Wiki, who, is a legend by the way… generated pdfs and placed them in the new Wiki… which you can find here:

Thinking to myself, this would be an awesome feature to put into the CF Install Repo, I added the CF8 Docs, and then asked Frank if he had any other versions he could make available, and being a legend, he packaged up CF6 7 8 9 10 and 11 for us, and has made them available here:

Awesome, so we have them in the documentation, so we can always access them, well, until they disappear again, like they seem to do periodically, so I have put all the documentation into the CF Install Repo, and you can access it anytime. I also have the latest build of the CF11 Wiki Generated PDF in there, and I will try and update them as they get generated over time. That way, if you need docs, you can always find them at the CF Install Repo.

That being said, Adobe, after hearing the cries of the 95% + the original 5%, have re-activated the documentation, although, I'm not sure for how long, but there you go. Hide n seek, peek a boo, just like their installs, there one minute, gone the next, if they disappear again, just head to the CF Install Repo and get them and you can search them locally, online or not.

Thanks Frank, you do good work, thanks for being good at your job, and responsive… its a big plus for the CFML Community.
Thanks Adobe for listening.

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