May 2014

Gavin Pickin

ColdFusion Install Repo - News and Updates and new Contributors

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UPDATE: New home for the CF Install Repo Available:

The idea started with a couple of tweets, and has been growing steadily since that day in Feb 2014, when I decided to make an online repo of any and all ColdFusion Installs I had, and open it up to the community too. Now, a few months later, with Adobe's ColdFusion 10's legal issues, the ColdFusion Install Repo might become a pretty popular item… and even Charlie Arehart is contributing to the repo, so you know its worth looking into right, well, here is some news and updates.

Previous posts about ColdFusion Install Repo can be found here.

The big news, we got some more contributions from the community. Travis Peters contributed some ColdFusion 7 Windows Installers and Updaters, which we are very light on the older versions, so if you have them, get in touch. Charlie Arehart contacted me last week to see how he could contribute, with the idea of adding a series of hot fixes. I thought all along hot fixes would be important, but unlike Charlie, I did not have a stock pile of updates, and the associated documents which makes the hot fixes useful and useable. We added the hot fixes, so now we have hot fixes from 8.0.0 through to CF10, so thank you Travis and Charlie for that.

Another thing Charlie suggested, which are a good idea, was a short url. I was going to register something, but Charlie has locked down, which is apparently easier to remember, and share than - I'll let you decide lol. I have also tried to update the read me file, and will continue to do so, that way news and updates will be easily available, and credit can be given, without having to blog about it. 

The interesting news that relates to the repo lately, which might spur some traffic, was the fact that ColdFusion 11 seemed to launch out of the blue almost are a very short Public Beta, and the ColdFusion 10 installs disappeared very suddenly from the Adobe website. During some Twitter discussions, which of course are gospel, since this is how all top level business is done these days, Adobe confirmed that there were some legal issues that arose with ColdFusion 10, and that is part of the reason why ColdFusion 10 has been removed from the downloads section. When I read this in the release notes for ColdFusion 11, I quickly ensured the repo has all the versions of CF10, and sure enough, they were gone from Adobe in a flash. Whether or not CF11 released ahead of schedule because of this legal action or not, fear not, the ColdFusion Install Repo has all the CF10 installs for you.

Do you have a older install laying around, want to add it to the repo, let me know @gpickin on twitter, and I can get you access.
Unfortunately, even is still developing the features, or I am a bigger moron than I thought, but I found it impossible to share the folder's admin rights, so if you are wanting to contribute, contact me @gpickin on twitter, and I'll add you to a dropbox folder, where I'll migrate the updates into If anyone knows how to share a free accounts folders admin rights, let me know that too.

by Adam Cameron
05/28/2014 03:47:21 AM

Cheers (again) on behalf of the CF community for doing this, Gav.

-- Adam

by MitrahSoft
05/28/2014 07:11:33 AM

Very good initiative

by Carl Von Stetten
06/05/2014 09:01:28 AM

Gavin, you are a rockstar! Thank you for doing this to help the CF community. -Carl V.

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