March 2014

Gavin Pickin

Conferences - 2014 NC DevCon - Have you say and make it the best NC DevCon yet

CFML Language, Chit Chat, Conferences

Conference season is about to go into full swing, especially for the ColdFusion community. cf.Objective() and Into The Box are coming up quickly in May, get your tickets and book your flights. Scotch on the Rocks is down to 14 tickets last I saw, so if you intend to go, snatch one up quick. Next in the line of CF Conferences I believe is NC DevCon, and they have released a survey, to get the community input, to make this years NC DevCon as good as can be.

They're asking for ideas on track ideas, and more specifics on given tracks to what type of content for those categories. They also want to know if there are certain sponsors you want to see there or not, and most importantly, whats days make it more appealing.

Take your time, and fill out the survey, the more information, the more the committee can do to shape it to meet our wants and needs.Its a short survey, well worth the time, so fill it out, and spread the word.

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