January 2014

Gavin Pickin

Conferences - Online Learning - Angular's NG-CONF Videos All Online

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I have talked a lot about conferences lately, and I apologize, because most of them are very expensive, you have to travel a long way, and there are 500 awesome conferences, and if we went to them all, we'd get no work done. Today, I talk about one we all missed, well, most of us... Angulars conference, ng-conf, which was held last week... January 16th and 17th in Salt Lake City, Utah. So why am I talking about it? If you read the title you'll know why. ng-conf, being a Google backed product, put all of there awesome sessions on Youtube :) I actually caught a few on the live stream, which was cool, as you could ask questions to the team during presentations etc, but the videos are just as great, after the fact.

NG-CONF's website is online at

Read about all of the great speakers and their topics. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the videos I have watched so far. I am new to Angular, but these videos make it easy to pick up, and peaks my interest, as they are doing some amazing things.

The videos on youtube found here

I have a couple of favorites already, which I will write a post about very soon.
Check it out, its great material whether you know angular, want to know angular, or just have the learning bug in general.




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