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Conferences - Why did I want to speak at Into the Box

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I was talking to a couple of people about the upcoming Conferences, Into the Box May 13th, and cf.Objective() May 14-16, both in Bloomington, MN, and they asked, why did I want to speak at Into the Box, when I was already speaking at cf.Objective(). Here are a few questions and my answers, peek into my thought process.


What made me want to speak at Into The Box 2014?

I am just starting to get the Speaking bug in general, and after being picked for cf.Objective(), I couldn't miss the opportunity to try and speak at Into the Box too. My first real big presentation to a community conference like event was ColdBox Developers Week, where I presented on the ColdBox Koans and how to use Koans to help with Test Driven Learning. The ColdBox team gave me a chance, and I enjoyed it. Now they might have created a monster, as it gave me the confidence to reach out and try and speak on more topics, at more events. Since Team ColdBox gave me the start, I wanted to contribute back when I heard they were doing their own Pre-Conference.

Another very important reason was that it was an opportunity to extend my trip to Bloomington, and to spend time with so many of the friends I've made over the last year or so, within the ColdBox and ColdFusion community in general. In 2013 I was in Bloomington for the ColdBox Bootcamp followed by cf.Objective(), I had 6 days straight of code and community, and at the end of it I walked away inspired to do more, give back more, code more, and couldn't wait for the next opportunity.


What does web development mean to me?

Apart from my Family and Friends, which I adore, Web Development is a big part of my life. 

It provides for my family, through my work.  It provides me a never ending opportunity for addictive learning development and growth. It helps me find solutions to everyday questions, because I can build an app for that. Cheesy, but true.

Web Development is what I read about on my iPad, its what I watch videos about when I work out, what I think about when I can't sleep, its what I do for fun, its just awesome I can get paid for it too. 


What advice would I give to my younger self, knowing what I know now?

Keep reaching out for the community. When I started, the community didn't exist like it did now… but I am pretty late to the community party. The community in the Web Development world is a great one, especially ColdFusion. With Twitter, all of the blogs, Google+, Facebook, Meetup, Online Meetings, and all of the other social media tools, you are so much closer to the community than we have ever been before.
If I could go back, that is the one big thing I would have changed… because I think community helps to motivate you, teach you, help you, and its worth its weight in gold… and only costs you in time. 


What am I looking forward to most from Into the Box?

I really look up to a lot of the speakers we have at Into the Box… with 2 of the big names in ColdFusion OpenSource Frameworks Sean Corfield and Luis Majano, I really want to absorb all I can. The speakers overall have a wide range of experience and specialities, and there is always something I can learn that can make me a better Developer / Community Member. 

The most important piece will be time with a great group of developers, a great group of business people, a great group of minds, and a great group of people.


What other session am I looking forward to at Into the Box?

Testing is really big right now, and I am very interested in Sean's "An Introduction to Behavior-Driven Development (with TestBox)" presentation. [EDIT - Updated the presentation name ]

The rest of the sessions, ORM, Security, REST, Enterprise Architecture, Dependency Injection, NoSQL and Legacy Migrations, they are all so hard to pick between, as there is a lot of great content… to be honest, there might be some last minute calls on which sessions I will be attending. 


I'm really looking forward to my talk... I'm speaking about Mockbox with "Just Mock It". 

Just Mock It… Mock what? What Mock? 
Learn What is Mocking, and how to use Mocking with ColdFusion testing, development, and continuous integration.
Look at Mocking and Stubbing with a touch of Theory and a lot of Examples, including what you could test, and what you should test… and what you shouldn't test (but might be fun).


More information on Into the Box here
More information on cf.Objective() here

Hope to see you all there.



by existdissolve
01/21/2014 08:39:32 PM

Looking forward to it!

by Gavin
01/22/2014 08:09:51 AM

Just updated Sean's Topic name to An Introduction to Behavior-Driven Development (with TestBox)

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