November 2016

Gavin Pickin

Day 2 - Ortus Developer Week 2016 - Tuesday Nov 15, 2016

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UPDATE - SCHEDULE CHANGE - Luis is out sick today, so Eric Peterson is doing a double header

Ortus Developer Week 2016 started yesterday, Monday November 14th 2016 with a bang. We had Raymond Camden talking about Static Web Site generators, and all 4 sessions had great attendance. Today, Tuesday the 15th is going to be another action packed day of presentations. For those those have not heard of ODW, it is a series of FREE and live webinars hosted by the Ortus Team and seasoned developers from around the world. These sessions will cover software development, web and mobile, and usage of any of our open source and commercial products. After a busy conference season, ODW gives you 1 more action packed week of sessions, enjoyable without travel & TSA, all from the comfort of your own office. If the sessions are too distracting to watch while you work, we record all the sessions, and make them available for later viewing as well.

Today has a testing feel to the day, with 3 2 of the 4 sessions giving you some amazing tools and tips about testing.
Update - 2 of the 4 sessions are now testing

9am PST / 11am CST - Fusion Reactor with CommandBox and Code Coverage for CMFL — presented by Brad Wood
This session shows off a specially designed Fusion Reactor plugin that works with CommandBox ( yes you can use Fusion Reactor with CommandBox ) and allows you to see Code Coverage metrics for your tests. You have to watch this.

Testing Automation — presented by Luis Majano
The master of testing himself, Luis will dive a little deeper into this advanced session, where you can see how TestBox and Continuous Integration (CI) Tools can help you automate your testing. This session will touch on Jenkins, Travis CI, Node runners, Grunt Watchers, and a few others. For those not doing CI, or not a ninja, this will be a great session for you. I'll be there

Luis is out sick today, so Eric Peterson is doing a double header
Eric Peterson continues to impress me. Every project he touches makes me want to see more. Yesterday in the meet the family session, Brad shared his private CommandBox server with the world with a simple CommandBox command Eric wrote, box-ngrok, leveraging ngrok, to create a secure tunnel to his machine so we could all hit his machine. Perfect for sharing your dev machine with a client, but I digress.

11am PST / 1pm CST - ColdBox Elixir Deep Dive — presented by Eric Peterson
ColdBox Elixir is based on a very popular tool in the Laravel community, named Elixir. Laravel is a PHP framework which is doing great things, and has a strong community behind it. Elixir is a conventions based tool for managing your assets. ColdBox Elixir is a direct port, with conventions based on ColdBox's setup, and makes Compilation and management of Assets a breeze. After using Grunt and Gulp myself, switching to Elixir was so refreshing. It has a simple consistent API and takes a lot of the guesswork out of the process. It is a powerful tool, and look forward to learning more about it.

1pm PST / 3pm CST - Integrated: A TestBox package for even better Integration tests in ColdBox — presented by Eric Peterson
 In this session, Eric shows off another one of his creations, which I think is equally cool... Integrated. Why the name, because it makes your TestBox tests even more Integrated, with some Selenium like syntax sprinkled directly inside of your TestBox tests. Again, another session I will not miss.

3pm PST / 5pm CST - Conquer the UI with Vue.js and ColdBox — presented by Scott Steinbeck
To finish the day off, something outside the world of testing, but equally as cool... VueJS. I have worked with Scott over the years, and more recently, I even wrote some VueJS code on a project we were working on together, and I was pretty amazed how awesome it was, but also, how approachable. Its like the baby of React and Angular with little to no learning curve, and great results in a short time. Its a new project, with a lot behind it now, with 2.0 just released, VueJS is one of the great additions to the JS frameworks. The best thing I like about it, you can just use it for 1 component, or one item on a page, so it means you can start using today... without having to rewrite your entire app.

I guess I won't be getting much work done today, as these are all great sessions, and I cannot wait to see them all.
If you cannot make it to the live session, which is great for questions as the presenters go, you can always watch the recordings.

Hope you enjoy the great content Ortus Developer Week is presenting.
Try to get a little work done too ;)

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