November 2015

Gavin Pickin

Day 5 of Ortus Dev Week - 5 sessions including bonus 7am PST from Ray Camden

CFML Language, ColdBox, Javascript, Node.js, Server Admin, Unit Testing

Day 5 of Ortus Developer Week is here, sadly, this is the last day of Ortus Developer Week for 2015. Since we know you are all sad, we decided to spice up today with a Bonus Session with Ray Camden, called 'Why you should dump your fancy app server and go completely static.' starting at 7am PST. We also have 4 more great talks, with RESTful Services, TestBox BDD, Extending ContentBox CMS, and to finish the week, Mark Mandel, a Google Representative will show us 'Scaling Node.js with Docker and Kubernetes'.

Its been a great week, lets finish this with a blast. If you miss any of the sessions, we have recordings up already.

Its the last chance register to go into the draw for our daily Amazon giftcard raffle, and since it is the end of the week, you could be the lucky winner of a Raspberry Pi.

History of Ortus Developer Week: After 3 years of ColdBox Developer Week, the name has changed, but the concept is still the same. Ortus Solutions is putting on another Developer Week, with 21 great sessions, all online, free, and live so you can interact, Sessions will be recorded as well, in case you cannot make them all. Ortus Solution is involved with so much more than just ColdBox now, so changing the name made sense, as there are sessions from representatives from IBM, Google, Ionic and lots of great community contributors.

Today we'll see the following sessions

Nov 20, 2015

BONUS 7am PST: Why you should dump your fancy app server and go completely static. - presented by Raymond Camden

  1. Relax with ColdBox RESTFul Services — presented by Gavin Pickin
  2. TestBox Behavior Driven Development — presented by Luis Majano
  3. Extending & Customizing ContentBox CMS — presented by Seth Engen
  4. Scaling Node.js with Docker and Kubernetes — presented by Mark Mandel

Time slots are 9am PST, 11am PST, 1pm PST and 3pm PST

Please visit for more information, and register for free with eventbrite so you can get reminders, updates, and information on how to see the recordings after this jam packed week is over.

The week is almost over, soak it up while you can. If you miss a session, the recordings are available from the session pages.

Have a great week.

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