May 2015

Gavin Pickin

dev.Objective() is over, returning back to normal life.

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dev.Objective() conference held last week in Bloomington MN, with IntoTheBox the day prior, was a great geek week as I like to put it. Of course a conference is most importantly there to give you information to grow and learn, but networking is a close second, and it was great to catch up with friends, and make some new ones at the same time.I was lucky enough to be picked to present not one, but two sessions this time, which adds a weight to your shoulders, but is great to give back, and be on the other side of things.

As usual I spent many hours looking over the schedule, trying to decide what was the best session for each spot, or in most cases, what was something I could miss and get another chance to see it online, or at another conference. Every session left me almost regretting my decisions, but every session held strong and left me feeling good, having learned and grown from what I absorbed. I tried to take notes, and did so for the first day, but presenting on the second and third days meant I had my focus elsewhere. I will write a recap of the sessions I went to, with my opinions here soon, I am trying to make sense of my notes still, and reflate them into meaningful summaries.

My sessions went really well, with a full house in my first talk, "How do I write Testable Javascript?", and only a handful to my "Getting your hooks into Cordova" which was up against some great sessions, and was the last talk of the conference. I actually quite liked the small group, we openly talked and discussed things as we went. I intent to write up each session with a summary soon, and link to my slides and resources, as well as write some follow up posts regarding questions from the talks, or just more in depth looks at the "COOL" parts

You cannot have a conference with people, and I loved chatting with old friends, and new friends, and I think every year it just gets better and better. In fact, I had so much fun, I actually invited everyone via twitter to connect with me via Linked In at and I created a slack channel for all of the dev.Objective() attendees to talk in and keep in touch. If you would like an invite to the slack channel, send me a DM on twitter and I will invite you asap.
It was a great year, I missed my family, but if I was going to be away for them, this is a good reason to do so. I didn't like the plane ride home, or missing one, but even in the airport, I made some great contacts, had good conversations, and came back pumped and ready to put everything into practice.

If you did not go this year, make an effort for next year.

NC DevCon is still coming up, and CF Summit too, plus, you can step out of the CFML World and try other conferences too. Some of my new best friends came from outside our cfml circle... crossing boundaries and putting yourself outside of your comfort zone can force you to grow and learn quickly.]

Check back soon for more information on how my talks went, which talks I went to see, and what I took home and plan to play with.


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