November 2013

Gavin Pickin

Git for Dummies - Installing Git on Mac OSX

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As I mentioned in my last entry, Git for Dummies - Installing Git on Windows, this is the beginning of a Git for Dummies Series, where I'll help walk you through installing Git and how to get started using Git from the command line. Later on, we can look at some of the GUI and Web tools, and see what they offer you.

If you have MacPorts (, you can install it from the command line… 

$ sudo port install git-core +svn +doc +bash_completion +gitweb

Since this is a Dummies Series, taught by dummies, for dummies… we'll go the easy way… GIT UI Installer, available from Google Code.
Go to and click on Download Packages

I'm selecting the Git Installer OS X - Snow Leopard as its the latest version.


Download the dmg, and you'll get the following folder


Double-click the PKG and follow the simple GUI Installer


Click Continue ( Dummies Level Instructions )


If you would like to Customize, you can do so here, but its a simple Install, Git and Extras... so just click Install to proceed.


Once its complete, open up Terminal and check to make sure Git is installed.

$ git version

You should see "git version" like below.


Now we have successfully installed Git, and have it working in Terminal, you're ready for your first Repo... which we'll do in an upcoming entry... check back soon.

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