January 2015

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Less than 12 hours ago, we were on the dawn of a big announcement in the CFML world, and only a few knew it was coming. A few more knew something was coming, but were not sure what it was, myself, I was expecting some tools, or a new version, or something, to put it mildly, I was surprised to hear what the big announcement was.

There is a new server product on the CFML Engine market, LUCEE.

Adam Cameron, my fellow Kiwi, living in London was front and center for the big announcement, held at Pixl 8 headquarters. Adam of course blogged it all, and with the help of Mark Drew fielded questions from the internet to get answered by the Lucee team, so I will not repeat that information, but here are a couple of points I found interesting, and stood out, at the bottom are more links, so you can read all the rest yourself.

In short, Railo 4.2 was forked, and the lead developers from the Railo Project has joined a new organization, the Lucee Association, and today has announced their presence to the world, and Lucee 4.5 is available for download today.

Since it is a fork of Railo 4.2, it is an easy transition and several large and well known members of the community have already installed and migrated to Lucee.

The organization they choose to administer Lucee sounds intriguing, with voting positions available for individuals and businesses on different levels. It takes legal issues out of the way, and lets the community help drive the project in the direction it wants. Read more about that in the links below.

I will get this installed in the next day or two, and give you a quick breakdown, although, of course installing Lucee is as easy as Railo, and replacing it is even easier.

The website for Lucee is
The Discourse blog / discussion board is available at (will be updated when the sub-domain kicks in)
Adam Cameron's main blog entry on Lucee -
Adam Cameron's follow up entry "Lucee Launch - Thanks"  -

EDITED - Additional Link
Brad Wood wrote a nice post as well - "Railo And Lucee: Hunka Hunka Burning Questions" -

Welcome Lucee, looking forward to getting to know you better.

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