May 2014

Gavin Pickin

Multi CFML Engine Install - speaking at cf.Objective() today

CFML Server, cfObjective, Conferences, Server Admin

Today is the day, I do my large presentation at cf.Objective(), why do I say large? Well, I bit off a lot when I submitted this topic... so trying to fit all of it in, in 50 mins, with time for questions, is almost impossible, so I am going to release a lot of the information on my blog, and I have made a mini website tacked onto my blog, so everyone attending my session have a great reference for after the session. Installing CF 9, CF 10, CF 11, Railo, and then getting them all to work through Apache, if you have that installed, if not, installing Apache, on Mac Linux or Window, is a large chunk of information, so I'm going to try and provide as much assistance with those topics, but my session will focus on how to bring them all together, while just highlighting items to be aware of while installing.

For those of you not at cf.Objective(), or too busy at other great sessions, and I am up against some big sessions today, I hope to make time and re-present my topic with Charlie Arehart on the Online ColdFusion meetup in the near future.

The address for my mini site is [EDITED] - I will keep updating that as I post more information to my blog, and will include links to my slides, and a github repo of a small tool that might make looking after your apache and tomcat conf files a little easier.

Hope to see you all at my session, but if not, have a great one, and hope you enjoy the barrage of content I've been saving up for a while.

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