December 2013

Gavin Pickin

Online Interactive Learning - TryCF - Submitted my first Tutorial - Have you?

Online Interactive Learning

Hello again, switching gears today, getting away from the Git for Dummies series for a moment, while I discuss a great new Coldfusion Community Project,, started by Abram Adams. TryCF is a Coldfusion version the learn by doing school of thought, in the same line as,, and (which I reviewed in a previous post here). Its a great little tool, that allows you to consume small tutorials, in a practical and interactive way on the site, and code CFML in the browser, without having to download, or install anything on your machine. is a similar browser based coding tool, but that is more of a scratch pad and playground, where this has a series of tutorials, to help you learn the language.

The best part about this? Anyone and everyone in the community can participate, and if we want the community to grow, and our developer base grow, we should get behind great projects like this. You can login / signup today and get a free account, and start creating your own tutorials to commit to the cause. Adobe has even got on board and has some great prizes for community members who submit tutorials to TryCF.

Before I get too much into TryCF, let me make it clear, I know, like, and have used It is another great learning tool, I think TryCF has a great niche in the process of reaching out to new developers, because it has an even smaller barrier to entry than LearnCFinaWeek. All you need to start using TryCF is a browser, and a minute, compared to LearnCFinaWeek, where you have to download and install Coldfusion, and Mysql... but I think if we use both tools together, it can be a great way to get new developers looking at the language and playing with some code on TryCF, and then they can proceed to to get the hands on installation and start building their first site, and then, maybe they can move onto the Coldfusion Koans. Coldfusion Koans, not sure what they are... have a look at my cfObjective topic proposal for more information.

If you go to right now, you will only see a few tutorials, where are the rest? Abram has done a great job with the website, using jquery, angular, and a lot of other great technology to make a great site, and although he could have waited until he built up enough tutorials to launch the site, he has decided to launch early, and get the community to help make the site the resource it deserves to be. So, where are all the tutorials, they are in your heads... and Adobe knows this, and thats why they have stepped up, and are sponsoring a tutorial submission contest.

I'll steal some content from the contest page, but you can to go for all of the information.

This site is about teaching how to code with CFML, and it will be only as good as the content the community experts provide. To help "encourage" community participation in this effort we have teamed up with Adobe to run our first (of hopefully many) tutorial contest. Thanks to Rakshith and the Adobe ColdFusion team the top prize will be $300! That'll help pay off some of your Christmas debt :).

In addition to the $300 grand prize, Adobe has kindly offered a Free ColdFusion Builder license to ALL participants that have tutorials accepted into the contest. See below for details on how tutorials are accepted.

In the spirit of helping the community, and getting a hands on behind the scenes look at, I told Abram a couple of weeks ago I would give him some feedback, and help, so I finally finished my first (albeit short) tutorial... and got it published for the world to see. I feel special, I'm the first contributing author, other than Abram of course... you can find my tutorial here, named CFML - A Dynamic Language - What does it mean? I will go back and edit it, pretty it up with some markdown, and of course, iron out anything unclear or incorrect, so please go check it out, and provide some feedback here... and of course, you can sign up and submit your own too.

Check back tomorrow for my walkthrough on how you can post your own tutorial to, and enter the contest to win $300 or one of many CF Builder Licenses provided by Adobe.

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by Abram
12/07/2013 12:51:58 AM

Thanks for the nice write-up Gavin, and for the first tutorial! My son is looking forward to checking it out tomorrow - after he's finished with his homework of course ;) Keep it up!

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