November 2016

Gavin Pickin

Ortus Solutions reaches a milestone with their Open Source Projects and number of Pull Requests

CFML Language, CFML Server, ColdBox, CommandBox, ContentBox, IntoTheBox, WireBox

Several years ago, my company and I spent time reevaluating the ColdFusion community, searching for a framework with great tooling, lots of documentation, training and professional support. We found that with Ortus Solutions and ColdBox. After a bootcamp, I started contributing however I could, a little code, some documentation, online presentations, conference sessions. At first, diving into Open Source was scary, but when you dip your toes to test the water, you realize its warm, like our ColdFusion community, and Ortus is no different. Over time I have done more and more with Ortus's many open source projects, but that is nothing in comparison to what everyone else has done.

Recently, Ortus Solutions, with their many projects, passed a milestone.

I'm happy I was a part of it, even happier that there are a lot of great people, of all levels contributing.

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