March 2015

Gavin Pickin

Speaking at Dev.Objective() x 2 - Cordova Hooks and Testable JavaScript

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Dev.Objective() is the 10th year of cf.Objective() rebranded to describe the 5 track professional developer conference more accurately ( more info here).  Still hosting a large number of ColdFusion topics, and a lot of the normal speakers, the content again is simple amazing. Technology is changing and so is this conference, and I am happy to say, that not one, but two of my sessions have been picked for this years Dev.Objective() this May, 12-15th in Bloomington, Mn. 
As usual, my work fuels my blog, and my ideas for sessions, and this year is no different. Lately I have been focusing on Javascript with my Mobile Development, and I have come a long way, compiling knowledge as I go. I think both of these topics are great combinations of all the solid content out there, all in one place to get someone up and running quickly. I was surprised to get both accepted, more work than I was expecting, but I like a challenge, and work well under the gun, so its going to be fun knocking these out. If you are thinking about what conference to attend, you can’t do much better than this one.

Here is a quick look into my sessions.

First Session: How Do I Write Testable JavaScript?
Everyone who wasn't writing JavaScript, probably is now. Atwood's Law: any application that can be written in JavaScript, will eventually be written in JavaScript. That’s great, but how do we test it. In ColdFusion we have CFCs, most languages have classes... but JavaScript doesn't have classes (yet). So how do I write unit tests, what units are there, and how do I make my code look like that.
JavaScript is a flexible language, and with great flexibility comes great complexity and responsibility. Take your JavaScript spaghetti and make it unit testable.
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Second Session: Getting your Hooks into Cordova - Workflows and Build Helpers
Working in the web world, we have workflows and tools we are used to. We edit, save f5 reload to test our work as we go. Working with mobile, even Hybrid Mobile, is a very different workflow. Cordova lets us build hybrid apps but how do you test them, how do you interface with the Cordova build process, how do you debug. This session helps you go from "hello world" demo, to a professionally built app.
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One more big piece of news I think, is LUCEE the new CFML Engine, a fork of Railo with all the power of the community behind it has just announced they will be Platinum Sponsors. I cannot wait to talk to them and get more information on the future of our language.

Tickets are now on sale, go pick one up now.
Dev.Objective() Sessions
Dev.Objective() Speakers

Hope to see you there.

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