March 2018

Gavin Pickin

Speaking at Into the Box 2018 in Houston Texas April 25-27th

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Into the Box 2018 is coming up, and again this year I will not only be presenting a session, but 2, as I will also be leading a 1 day workshop the day prior to Into The Box with Eric Peterson. To find out more, please read this blog post, check out the Into the Box website, and listen to my upcoming interview on ColdFusion Alive.

Why Attend Into The Box?

Into the Box is Ortus Solutions' very own conference, which has grown from a 1 day conference prior to CF.Objective() , to its own 3 day event, with 1 day of workshops, and 2 day conference. It has grown over the years to be one of the best ColdFusion conferences around. Don't take my word for it, check out this quote from Nolan Erck, and tweet from Jim Pickering.

Last year’s Into The Box was by far the best CFML/ColdFusion conference I’d attended in ages — the 2018 session list looks to continue with that tradition.  There’s lot of content on best practices, Docker, testing, updating legacy applications, project planning and more.
Quoting Nolan Erck - Speaker from several CFML Conferences -

Tweet from Jim Pickering on Twitter -

ITB has over 20 speakers from around the world, 4 hands-on training workshops, and over 30 diverse sessions, there is more than enough great content, and enough friendly CFML faces, plus a few new ones, that you should not miss Into the Box this April in Houston Texas.

Of course, if that isn't reason enough, you should come to hang out with me, and check out my sessions.

My All Day Workshop - ColdBox from Zero to Hero - Wednesday April 25th

Eric Peterson and I will be leading this workshop, to give you the best 1 day ColdBox crash course, where you will be introduced to the latest version of the most popular CFML MVC framework; ColdBox 5. We will go over the basics of installation, templating and configuration to the most advanced features like HMVC development with modules, RESTFul APIs, interception points and much more. This workshop has been designed to give you a great hands on intro, with lots of examples, exercises, and materials to take home so you can play on your own time. With 2 instructors and another assistant, you will get the hands on attention to take you from Zero to Hero.
At the time of writing this… I believe we had 1 seat left in the workshop, sign up now or you might miss out.


Session 1 - Alexa and ColdBox APIs - Thursday April 26th

Alexa from Amazon powers the Amazon Echo, Amazon Fire TV and is Amazon's answer to Siri, Cortana and Google home. Amazon's Alexa Skills Kit allows developers to build their own set of abilities that can be published to the Alexa App Store for consumers to use. This Session will walk through the pros and cons of voice, how to design a voice user interface, how to get started with ColdBox, and how to design Alexa Commands that integrate with your ColdBox API.


Session 2 - ContentBox + Docker - Friday April 27th

Start to finish, launch your ContentBox site in the cloud with Docker. We will look at the ContentBox docker image, which has a few extra ContentBox goodies added on top of the usual CommandBox docker image. We will learn how to use a file mount to be able to share Media files between 2 instances, and how to cluster sessions so your ContentBox site can run in the cloud, on more than one instance.


Looking forward to this conference this year, as usual we have great speakers, great sponsors, great attendees, a great time with Happy Box, and a bunch of great friends, new and old.

Register today, and I'll see you in Houston in April.

Into the Box Website
Keep an eye out and an ear out for my interview on ColdFusion Alive here

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