December 2013

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Start of December - 30 Day Challenge - What are your Goals

30 Day Challenge

Thanksgiving has just come and gone, and like most people, I thought about what I was thankful for, but my thinking didn't stop there. A lot of people during the holidays spend a lot of time worrying about how much they eat, and what they're going to buy, and then New Years Eve they make up a plan for 2014 with their New Years Resolution, and usually file for Bankruptcy after all the credit card charges come rushing in. Well, I decided that instead of waiting until New Years, I'd get started now, but I was going to just do a 30 day challenge (Dec 2 - Dec 31)… and go from there.

Why oh why did I choose to start it now?

  • Its now right now, and if I put it off, I might keep putting it off, best time to start is now
  • I saw a tweet by Matt Cutts and it reminded me it was time to start
  • I have a lot of things I need to start doing more regularly, so why not post it for the world (my 3 viewers) to see, and maybe some peer pressure will help with the process

A little more about my reasons.

We all know that its always easier to put things off, add them to our todo list, and they sit there, mostly idle, for so many years, we never get them done. Its always best to get things done right away, if you really want to do them, because in reality, our todo lists are never as organized as they should be. Maybe you're the exception to the rule, but most people keep adding things to their todo lists, bucket lists, or whatever you want to call it… but sometimes you need to re-evaluate your list. Are you really going to get that item done, is that item still relevant even, its been a while since you added it, is it still as important now, as it was when you added it. Do not let you todo list get out of hand, because if you do, looking at the 5300 items can overwhelm you, and then you can't decide what to do, or where to start, and then you get less done, and you're probably still adding to the list. Long story short, why wait… get started now, so I am.

Ok, so who the heck is Matt Cutts? He is a member of the Google Team, has been since 2000, and is currently the head of Google's Webspam team. He releases a lot of good blogs and short videos on SEO, and because I deal with a lot of small businesses day to day, I need to keep up with SEO, and Matts content and delivery is very consumable… so I keep up with it. Ok, so what does this have to do with Goals and 30 day challenges? Matt Cutts has given a Ted Talk on his 30 Day Challenge, and challenges his blog readers to give him ideas, check in on him, and even start their own. You can read on his blog as to why he started doing them, and some of the interesting challenges he has done (over 34 posts and counting on his 30 day challenges so far), so when he tweeted about his latest 30 day challenge started, it reminded me, I have to start one too.

Now, everyone wants to do more, and we (mostly) all have the best intentions, as do I, with several things (more below), one of them, being this blog, so I decided I would post my 30 day challenge on here, and my 3 readers can harass me if they want, and maybe the peer pressure, will help me stay on track. In the spirit of holiday season, I'm going to try and do a little 12 days of challenges style twist to my challenge, and ramp it up as I go… maybe its a little too much, but we'll see how this goes.

12 Challenges of Xmas - 30 Day Challenge

1 - At least 1 Blog per day -Need to get these topics out of my notes, and out of my head, the more you get out of the head, the more room the rest of the voices have to play.

2 - Do my stretches 2 times a day

3 - Only check twitter 3 times a day while at work… less distractions, more work.

4 - Only 4 lunches where I eat out of the office for the 30 days

5 - Get out of bed while the clock still shows 5 something. I need to get up in the morning, snooze is your enemy, the more you push it, the more sleepy you get.

6 - Break up the day with a water break every 60 mins, get up and walk to the cooler and back.

7 - 7 work outs a week, 1 per day ideally, but no less than 7 per week

8 - Be at work no later than 8, EVERY day

9 - Be done with emails by 9am every morning

10 - Make a daily top 10 Todos and get them done daily

11 - 

12 - 

Any ideas for the last two?

by Akbarsait
12/04/2013 05:08:21 PM

11. Reach home on time in the evening and plan to spend good time with the family. Do avoid office related works at home.

12. Call a friend / family member who do care about us and tell them you too care about them.

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