January 2014

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State of the Union - Source Control - Mr Adam Cameron is at it again

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One of my fellow countrymen (Exported Kiwis), Adam "Vinegar and Beer" Cameron, has posted some interesting material on his blog. Well, there is no surprise there, his stuff is always interesting actually, but I should be more accurate and say, he has posted some "explosive" material on his blog.

My last post discussed a great CFML community survey, where you should go and answer a few simple questions, so we all, as a community can see how the community is looking, what we're using, what we're working with, etc etc. 

After you complete the survey, you can see up to the moment results, and one of the results got Adam going.

"What the Fuck are you thinking" was his response to the Source Control Question. 10% of developers don't use it, and another 10% are not using "REAL" source control, so 20% of the developers who answered this survey, are not using Source Control… and to many people, that is Ridiculous. Now, keep in mind, this is 20% of the people active in the community, which is probably a skewed result, so that 20% of the active community, might equate to 50% of the full community (COMPLETE GUESS ON MY PART).

I have posted about 14 posts on Source Control recently, as we have finally seen the light, put in the effort and have implemented Source Control. My first post in the series explained a lot about why a lot of people don't use it, and that was us up until not too long ago. 

I am not an elitist, I don't do everything right, I haven't been using Source Control for decades like some developers have… but little old me, I think you're crazy too if you aren't using it, or you're not moving that direction.

Read my post, and get some more information on why your reasons, are probably not as valid as you thought.
Not Using Source Control? Amazingly, You're Not Alone

Andy Allan also posted this great article on Source Control just recently too.

Now, you can read Adam's post here, and more importantly the 25+ responses in the few hours since he posted it.

Do you think he went too far? Or do you think his explosive posts get the attention they need to get the job done?
With Adobe, all the noise he makes seems to help. Let us know what you think.

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