September 2016

Gavin Pickin

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CFML Language, Conferences

Having spoken at Ortus Developer Week ( previously known as ColdBox Developer Week ) the last few years, I know how much great content there is ( other than my own, of course ). This years Ortus Developer Week is coming up soon, are you willing to present? Its a great opportunity for new speakers to get some experience without the anxiety of speaking to a large room, you can present from the comfort of your own office. If you have experience speaking, contribute back to the community, or try out a new presentation. We're looking for speakers of all levels, with a good mix of content, for a free online conference for CFML Devs, looking for new CFML content, or new related technologies like Mobile, Javascript, Caching, NoSql, AWS and much more.

ODW is a series of FREE and live webinars hosted by the Ortus Team and seasoned developers from around the world. These sessions will cover software development, and usage of any of our open source and commercial products.

Come and join us for over 20 hours worth of FREE and live training. If you can't make it to all sessions, then don't worry, we will record all sessions and they will be available in the appropriate session page. So get your thinking caps on and get ready for a tremendous BOX geek-out week!

What are you excited about presenting on?

In previous years, we've had talks including ( but not limited to )

  • Phonegap
  • Pull Request and Source Control
    • RESTFUL Services
  • ColdBox
    • Modules
    • WireBox
    • AOP
    • Dependency Injection
    • Validation
    • Migrating Legacy to MVC
    • I18n
    • HTML Helper
  • ContentBox
    • Intro to ContentBox
    • Getting Started with ContentBox
    • ContentBox Modules
    • Themes
    • CKEditor Plugins
    • Customizing ContentBox
  • CommandBox
    • Intro to CommandBox
    • Package Management and Automation
    • Working with Commandbox and Travis CI
  • CacheBox
  • ORM
    • CriteriaBuilder
    • CB ORM Services
    • Shark Riding Dinosaurs
  • TestBox
    • BDD
    • Mocking
    • Test Driven Learning
    • Testing your API
  • Error Handling
  • Advance Search with Solr and Google CSE
  • Couchbase
    • NoSQL with Couchbase
    • CBMongoDB
  • ProfileBox
  • Railo 5
  • Lucee
  • VMs
    • Chef
    • Vagrant
    • Docker
    • Kubernetes
  • RabbitMQ
  • Google Analytics API
  • Mobile
    • AngularJS
    • Ionic V2 and Beyond
  • Node.JS

Would you like to present on one of these topics, or something is there something else?
Let us know

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