December 2013

Gavin Pickin

Techie Gotcha - CFML Server - Coldfusion 9 WSConfig vs JNDI - Web Server Connector Issues

CFML Server, Techie Gotchas

After installing ColdFusion as many times as I have, usually, you can plod through it, and there isn't too many really weird things that pop up? until this week. Yes, this is another bang your head on the desk story. One of our developers is stilling using Windows 7, and we're setting up ColdFusion, Railo, and Apache to round it off. We get ColdFusion Installed, get Railo and Apache installed, and its time to connect using the WSConfig tool, and ta-da, a big fat error.

Could not connect to any JRun/ColdFusion servers on host localhost.
Possible causes:
o Server not running
-Start Macromedia JRun4 or ColdFusion MX server
o Server running
-JNDI listen port in blocked by TCP/IP filtering or firewall on server
?-host restriction in blocking communication with server


A summary of whats going on here, under the covers is, when ColdFusion is running, a special service is transmitting that is running by listening on a given port. That port has changed with different ColdFusion server versions over the years, and that was the confusing part, most of these issues, are all documented in regards to CF 7, not 9.

Ok, so first, we rule out the Server not running cause? because its running, just fine on its own Webserver? we're handling requests, no problem there. Its running, just the wsconfig tool doesn't know its running.

Next, we look at the JNDI listening port? listed in
We turn off all firewalls, we even turn off Antivirus and AntiMalware and AntiAntiAnti Tools.
Still no go? so we run a command

netstat -an

We scroll down through all of the Protocols and ports, and the ports from out file is listed.

Next we look at the Host restriction in, blocking communications with the server.
Nothing special there either? just a Subnet mask

Someone mentioned looking through your hosts file, because if you have hosts records with IPs that don't resolve, that can affect it too? but nothing there either.

We decided to uninstall CF, and try a couple of other completely useless tasks, and waste a lot of time.


Then, we decided to look through the logs and see if we saw anything fishy. and we found a really weird IP address.
It seems our Router gave us 10.0.1.* ips? which translates to subnet mask.

So in, it is blocking our subnet mask, because they don't match. 
The weird part was, why when browsing locally would our wifi ip be used, and not since we were working with localhost.

So we turned off wifi, restarted the wsconfig tool, and suddenly, the tool could see that ColdFusion was indeed running.
We got it hooked up, and away we went.

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Interesting, because with all my searching, I didn't see our own ip, and subnet mask affecting the configuration.
Hopefully someone finds that interesting, or helpful, if not, you can all just laugh at me :)



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