June 2014

Gavin Pickin

The CFML Community's Cries for Help have Been Heard

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Talk about some link bait, but, to be honest its pretty accurate. For the longest time now, the CFML community has been asking for several things, to help bring CFML into todays standards for languages, and the call has been answered. What are these things I talk about, CLI Command Line Interface, REPL Read Evaluate Print Loop, a Package Manager, and a Command Line way to Access the Package Manager. For those of you who did not make it to cf.Objective() or Scotch on the Rocks, you might not have heard, but Ortus Solutions has created CommandBox, and even Adam Cameron has no problem with all the superlatives in the documentation, because even he agrees, CommandBox is AWESOME. Although Adam stated it as "This is possibly the most important innovation in #CFML since CFCs" - that's awesome.

Ortus Solutions  (The ColdBox Guys) have been listening to their community and the CFML community at large, and have started a long line of changes to their products, modularizing ColdBox more, which would require a Package Manager to manage those modules, so naturally the CLI REPL and Package Manager was something they needed to work towards. They decided while their tools needed this, the CFML Community at large could still benefit from these set of tools, so has been working hard on CommandBox, and an upgrade to ForgeBox (previous ColdBox Only Repo) that would make it compatible with CommandBox but also open its doors to other CFML libraries, frameworks, tools etc.

I do not think I can do the product justice with words alone… but even with their early Alpha version… I'm super excited to play with it. Here is their latest video, to give you a taste of what it can do, and even though I saw Demos at Into the Box and cf.Objective(), they have already added new features, like RECIPES (a hat tip to the idea of Chef with your implementation recipes essentially) where you can script your CLI Commands, and its simple, which is best of all.

Written on top of Railo, it has auto completion, command line help, you can scaffold out apps, parts of apps, spin up a server in any folder you're in, download and install frameworks / libraries, you can extend it with CFML so you can do whatever you want as far as automating your own tools, it even has a game of snake. 

Its only in alpha, but its awesome, and it has plenty more great things coming.
Well done Brad, Luis, Ortus Solutions, thank you for listening, our language finally has some of the tools its been needing for a while.

Whats your highest score on Snake?
Game on.

Adam Cameron discusses CommandBox here if you'd like to read more too.

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