January 2014

Gavin Pickin

The State of the Union - The Important One - CFML State of the Union Survey

CFML Language, Chit Chat

Yes, it is that time of the year again… the State of the Union… not the USA Political Nightmare that dominates the TV Channels, but the CFML State of the Union. CF United might not be an active conference anymore, but they still do post items to their website, and the last couple of years, at the same time of the Political State of the Union, they post a survey where the CFML Community is encouraged to spend 5 mins, answer a few questions, and we can all see what others in the community are doing. The survey discusses Adobe ColdFusion, Railo, OpenBD, what IDEs you use, Source Control, Conferences, Front End Frameworks, etc etc, to get an snapshot of what is going on in the CFML community around us.

The link to the survey is here.

When you complete the survey, you get a great little running snapshot of the results to that point in time. They have not worked out time travel yet, so you'll have to wait for future responses to be included. I believe it ran for a week or two last year, and they stated on their website they would announce the full results Feb 11, 2014.

So jump in, fill it out, it doesn't take long, its interesting, and the more information in it, the better it is.
Reach out to those who don't live on twitter, and read the blogs, and see if they'll help get some real data in there.



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