June 2014

Gavin Pickin

Viva Las Vegas - Roll the Dice or just Vote It Up

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Finally getting over cf.objective()? Maybe you're just recovering from Scotch on the Rocks last week? Don't worry, there are more great ColdFusion conferences coming your way soon, and it's time to help shape CF Summit in Las Vegas, October 16-17 at the aria. Our friend Matt Gifford, released an app for call to speakers and voting on submitted topics. Last year CF Summit had over 500 attendees, and is expected to be bigger and better than last year. So don't wait, submit a topic, vote, and get a ticket.

The app was announced last week, and the topic submission has just warmed up, so now is the perfect time to get your topic submitted, or vote on other topics already there. The app, built by Matt Gifford is build in coldfusion, which the community always likes, and is a little different from the trello experience. You can vote up the topics you like, but you can also VOTE DOWN the ones you don't want, or aren't interested in… which makes it an interesting dynamic. I wonder if the total votes, up or down, as well as combined will play a part or not. One of the things with Trello, you could see how many were voted up, and how the topics were doing… with down votes, it can be deceiving though. Why wait, here's the link.

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More information on the app, and the Call for Speakers can be found here:

First, to entice the best content and maybe reduce favoritism and politics of name recognition, the submissions appear with no presenter. This of course means the best content should shine through, and the cab can place the best person for the session, but it also means that maybe one of the unknown presenter gems in the community will get their chance to shine. The other good thing about this is new presenters can give their own spin on a topic and bring something new to the table where the speaker who is known for the topic might have not given it a fresh look. Although, there are great speakers are always adding to their sessions, leaving you amazed, or scared or with that 'I can't wait to play with that' feeling. 

The downside I see, of course, there are always pros and cons, is that sometimes a seemingly dull / lame topic by a great presenter, will be anything but dull / lame with them on stage presenting it. There are some can't miss presenters, and we might miss some of their great stuff, but I assume the cab will get them presenters one way or another… and they better make their descriptions of their topics not so "dull / lame". I try to say that with no disrespect, because, honestly, we all know that we'd probably watch Sean Corfield or Elliot Sphren talk about almost anything. 

Another big issue might be the advertising. I know with the Trello Boards, everyone encouraged their peers to go vote, of course, usually hoping they'd vote for you, and maybe now, with no names, it might be less encouraging to spread the word. Although, of course, if they do spread the word, like I am today, hopefully, the more votes, the better content, and of course, if your topic is a good one, it needs votes from everyone, not just your friends to make it a good one. I hope that this fact doesn't reduce the push, because the more topics, the more votes, the better quality it will be. I guess the next question is, are you allowed to tell anyone the topic you're submitting, or just not note it in the description / title  itself, for those strangers? 

Did that stop me from Submitting a topic? 
No… will I tell you what I submitted? 
No, just in case, and plus it makes it more fun. I submitted a topic, and there is something in it that might give you a hint its me, it won't be obvious, I don't think so anyways, and after the announcements, I'll let you know what the hint was, and see how many guessed right.

So, go on… Login using G+, Twitter or LinkedIn profiles to and submit a topic, or read up and vote up, and down some topics

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